TOP 9 Effective DIY Home Remedies for Hair Growth – TOP 9 Ways


TOP 9 Best DIY Home Remedies for Hair Growth:

There is nothing more attractive and stunning than having a shiny and thick hair naturally. Today, it has seen that many girls are suffering from hair fall problems. Mostly because they don’t understand what are the reasons that are causing them for hair loss? For that particular cause, they feel hesitated to go in front of someone else. Hair is something that is very precious to any girl that she loves to carry out in so many ways. You can indeed treat them using Home Remedies for Hair Growth they are persistent and will help you grow your hair one inch every month sounds great right.

There are some reasons why hair growth becomes slow and get pause by these some factors like using hair style products, hormonal changes, inappropriate urinations, a harsh chemical made product, pollution and much more. You don’t need to choose any shortcuts to have a healthy hair but using natural home remedies which are filled with nutrition and can take care of your hair properly. You will certainly improve your hair grows very fast. Below you will learn all of them with complete details all that will stimulate hair growth and thicken shaft hair as well.

Which are the best HOME REMEDIES that can help in curing HAIR GROWTH correctly?

There are various natural home ingredients that you can find in your kitchen which will deliver top class results. For some people, they have a question about ‘’how to grow hair faster naturally in a week’’ just to clear your mind we have posted below so you can learn how to use them accurately and get better results quickly.

1) Use EGGS for Hair Growth:eggs for hair growth

Eggs have an enormous amount of protein, iron, iodine, and zinc that can nourish hair and promote their growth.

  • Take one egg and separate yolk and egg white
  • Now include one tsp olive oil and little bit of honey in egg white
  • Whisk them well and apply on the hair all over
  • Leave it dry for 25 minutes and wash with shampoo
  • Repeat this method one time for two weeks

2) Use FENUGREEK for Hair Growth:fenugreek for hair growth

Fenugreek also has some components of protein that can help in hair growth and also protect the color of it as well.

  • First, soak some handful seeds of fenugreek for one night
  • Next morning take out seeds and grind them to make paste
  • Apply on scalp and hair
  • Massage for some minutes and leave for 2 hours
  • Rinse using water
  • Repeat one time in one week

3) Use JUICE of POTATO for Hair Growth:potato juice for hair growth

Potatoes are the choice because they have rich iron, potassium, calcium they can protect hair fall, and make hair stronger and longer.

  • Take some potatoes and blend them to make juice
  • Apply the juice on scalp and hair all over
  • Leave this for 20 minutes and wash
  • Follow this procedure 4 times for 2 weeks

4) Use JUICE of ONION for Hair Growth:onion juice for hair growth

Onions have SULPHUR in a rich amount that can boost the production of collagen in hair.

  • Take two onions and chop them into pieces
  • Boil them with water
  • Apply it on hair and scalp and leave for 35 minutes
  • Rinse it with mild conditioner
  • Continue doing this 3 times every day

5) Use CAYENNE PEPPER:cayenne pepper for hair growth

In order to use Home Remedies for Hair Growth the best and effective remedy is cayenne pepper that can remove irritation from the scalp and also increase the flow of blood in the head.

  • Take little bit of olive oil and put it in pan
  • Now include one the tsp powder of cayenne pepper
  • Stir them while they are heating
  • When get cool apply it on scalp and hair
  • Massage gently and least for 4 hours
  • Wash it with shampoo
  • Perform this remedy 3 times for 2 weeks

6) Use POWDER of HENNA:powder of henna for hair growth

Powder of henna is a very strong ingredient that can make hair color retain in its natural way and also gives strength to hair roots as well.

  • Take one cup powder of henna and 3 drops juice of lemon
  • Mix well and put aside them for one night
  • Apply it on the next morning on scalp and hair all over
  • Leave it for some hours and rinse it
  • Repeat remedy for 4 weeks each day

7) Use COCONUT OIL and LEMON for Hair Growth:coconut oil and lemon for hair growth

It is a perfect combination of these two ingredients that can help the growth of hair and prevent dandruff as well. They are antibacterial to deal with many infections of scalp

  • Take one tsp juice of lemon and 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • Mix well and massage right on the scalp and hair
  • Leave for one night to dry
  • Wash it next morning
  • Repeat it one time for 2 weeks

8) Use ROSEMARY OIL:rosemary oil for hair growth

Rosemary oil has the cells that can help to expand the vessels of blood in hair leading them to grow quicker and faster. Most people are afraid to use ‘’homemade tips for hair growth faster’’ this remedy is the right answer that will end your doubts about them.

  • First, take some drops of rosemary oil and little bit of coconut oil
  • Stir well and massage it on the hair and scalp
  • Leave it for 5 hours and rinse with any shampoo
  • Repeat 3 times for 2 weeks

9) Use JOJOBA OIL:jojoba oil for hair growth

Jojoba oil helps to prevent hair from becoming brittle and dry. Also clears all the pores as well.

  • Take some drop of jojoba oil in hands
  • Massage directly on scalp
  • Leave for one night
  • Rinse it next morning
  • Follow it 3 weeks one time

Healthy TIPS that will help you to get a better result while using Home Remedies for Hair Growth:

  • When you have applied shampoo also use ACV in diluted form to rinse on hair it will maintain PH level of hair
  • Little bit hot oil massage can also improve circulation of blood and clears dead skin cells
  • Never wash hair with hot water or it will leave dryness and make rough
  • Always never to tie your hair tight
  • Do not go outside unless you wear a cap or scarf to protect from dust
  • Trim your hair in every four months it will help to prevent split ends on hair

You can use any Home Remedies for Hair Growth to make them stronger. All of them above mentioned cures have shown positive results. So it’s your turn to utilize and feel the effects naturally. Let me know your experience as well.

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  1. Jay Washington says

    All of this remedy is very useful. As of the moment I’m using castor oil for my hair cause I’m suffering baldness.

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