How To Get Rid of Gallstones – TOP 8 DIY Home Remedies for Gallstones


TOP 8 DIY Home Remedies for Gallstones to Flush Them out Fast:

For some of you who have no idea about what are gallstones? They are formed inside gallbladder and can be in the range of a short grain or bigger than a golf ball. This type of gallstone made with the high amount of cholesterol. But there is a perfect alternative that can certainly cure them by using Home Remedies for Gallstones because they are reliable and efficient in their way. There are many reasons behind it like, high level of BILIRUBIN in gallbladder, dark and small stones, pigment stores, hereditary, and blood disorder,

Here are some causes of it, including, imbalanced and unhealthy diet, pregnancy, liver diseases, high intake of fatty foods, diabetes, having too much stress, hormonal changes, lack of sleeping, and much more that can cause gallstones. They usually appear in older people with the age of 60 to 70 years mostly in females who take a certain drug to prevent pregnancy.

Often people can’t notice it for a very long time and while they are stuck in bile duct these symptoms might help you recognize it like, sudden severe pain specifically on right side of abdomen, back pain, vomiting, nausea, bloating, chills, stools in clay colored, indigestion, pain occur in the should bladders, yellow eyes, and skin.

Which are the easy HOME REMEDIES for GALLSTONES that can treat it permanently?

Before, you decide to go for surgeries and make it harder on your body. Why not try home remedies which are natural and with little change in the diet plan can certainly dissolve Gallstones and provide you permanent relief from pain. Some people who still have their doubts about ‘’how to dissolve gallstone naturally’’ you will find your answer once you start using them correctly and see significant outcomes.

1) Use ACV and LEMON for Gallstones:apple cider vinegar and lemon for gallstones

Using ACV, it can help to improve the gall bladder functionality because it has MALIC acid that can make them soft and easy to remove.

  • Take 3 tbsp ACV and one tsp juice of fresh lemon
  • Stir well and put them in one glass of hot water
  • Consume it with empty stomach
  • Use this remedy 2 times for many weeks

2) Use PEAR JUICE for Gallstones:pear juice for gallstones

Pear juice has pectin that can help to reduce cholesterol level which is filled with gallstones and flush them out in the body quickly.

  • Take 2 cups of pear juice and one cup water
  • First, add pear juice in the water and little bit of honey
  • Stir both wells and drink it slowly
  • Keep doing, this method 3 times in 4 days

3) Use DANDELION for Gallstones:dandelion for gallstones

Dandelion is known to be a medicinal herb that only aids to functioning gallbladder correctly. It has many natural components to dissolve stones as well.

  • Take one tsp leaves of dandelion and one tbsp honey
  • Put both of them in a pot and include hot water one cup
  • Cover them and steep for 6 minutes and strain it
  • Now consume it slowly
  • Repeat 4 times in one day

4) Use LEMON and OLIVE OIL for Gallstones:lemon and olive Oil for gallstones

To use Home Remedies for Gallstones the most efficient home ingredients are olive and lemon that has citric acid to prevent from making cholesterol stones, and whereas olive oil has pectin to give relief from the pain and eliminate them through waste.

  • Take 25 ml juice of lemon and olive 25 ml
  • Stir both of them well in one bowl
  • Now add little bit of garlic paste
  • Consume it with empty stomach
  • Use this procedure for 2 months

5) Use PEPPERMINT:peppermint for gallstones

Peppermint can indeed prove very useful for the digestive system, and it can also stimulate the blood flow in the body. It can dissolve gallstones and take them out immediately.

  • Take one tsp dried leaves of peppermint and one cup water
  • Now first boil water and for 2 minutes and put leaves in it
  • Steep 5 to 10 minutes and strain
  • Add honey for taste
  • Drink it before taking meals
  • Perform it 2 times for one month

6) Use CASTOR OIL for Gallstones:castor oil for gallstones

Castor oil has medicinal and healing properties that can help to reduce the gallstones, and also it contains anti-inflammation to neutralize pain.

  • Take castor oil one cup and two cups of hot water
  • Put castor oil in a pan and warm it and soak it with cheesecloth and wring it
  • Now place it in the stomach area and cover with plastic sheet
  • Leave it for one hour and wash it
  • Try to use it 3 times for one week

7) Use RED BELL PEPPER:red bell pepper for gallstones

A red bell pepper has the excellent amount of vitamin C that is essential for preventing gallstones. People have many complaints about using ‘’gallbladder stones treatment without operation’’ this method is your answer that will give you sufficient results.

  • Take one tsp of red bell pepper
  • Mix it with one glass of water
  • Now drink it after eating meals
  • Continue doing this 5 times in 3 weeks

8) Use PSYLLIUM for Gallstones:psyllium for gallstones

PSYLLIUM has a high amount of fiber in it to cure gallstones. It can also reduce cholesterol levels in the body by preventing it to make excessive oil.

  • Take one tsp powder of PSYLLIUM and one glass of fresh water
  • Put them in a bowl and mix
  • Now drink it while it is warm
  • Use it one time only at night time for 4 weeks

Primary TIPS that will surely help you while using Home Remedies for Gallstones:

  • Try to do exercises on daily basis
  • If you are overweight then reduce it
  • You can also use heat pack on stomach to get temporarily relieves from pain
  • Drink herbal teas can also show great results
  • You can always consult with your doctor if these remedies are not showing results

If you happen to know more about Home Remedies for Gallstones, then please feel free to give me our opinions. I would love to hear what you have in mind.

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