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9 DIY Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety – TOP 8 Methods


Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety – TOP 8 Ways:

For those of you who don’t know that depression is a medical condition which caused by the imbalance of chemicals in the brain and there are many signs of it including, having stress, anxiety, sadness (chronic), loss of appetite, lack of sleep, and you lost your interest in life completely. There is no denying that people of any age could get victim of it no matter what you do the depression does not go away and you seem to slip into more into it but you can certainly cure it using Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety which have proven so much beneficial to make it go away, and you can feel relax and healthy just like naturally.

Many medications and therapies can help to mitigate all the symptoms of it. But their price is too much high, and they can leave you with unwanted side effects which can also lead to the more severe condition. So why not choose the great alternative and make your depression go away with practical, reliable, and natural home remedies that you can use sitting right at home. Below you are going to find out everything about them with complete details.

Which DIY Home Remedies are perfect for curing Depression and Anxiety?

There are several types of home remedies that you can choose just to reduce depression and anxiety. The best way is to use them by you and see how much they are worth it. Many people have their doubts over ‘’how to cure depression by yourself’’ well you just need to use them accurately to find out which one works best for you.

1) Use GARLIC:garlic for depression and anxiety

Many researchers have shown that garlic can lift your mood if you eat it on a daily basis.

  • Take one garlic peel the skin of it
  • You can add it to your meals or just eat it in raw form
  • Repeat this treatment 3 times one day

2) Use INDIAN GOOSEBERRY for Depression and Anxiety:

The Indian gooseberry has the natural property of anti-depression that can certainly help you have the great mood.

  • Take 4 Indian gooseberries crush them and remove seeds from them
  • Now mix them with 2 tbsp of nutmeg to make thick paste
  • Consume it
  • Repeat this remedy two times in one day

3) Use CASHEWS:cashews for depression and anxiety

Cashews have the tryptophan that can work as a natural anti-depression agent to help you get rid of it.

  • Take 4 cashews and put them in a blender
  • Blend them well to make powder
  • Now add them in one cup of hot milk and stir well
  • Drink it
  • Use this everyday

4) Use COFFEE for Depression and Anxiety:coffee for depression and anxiety

Coffee can certainly lift your mood when you consume it. Just make sure to drink only 2 times one day it will help you get a better mood.

5) Use ASHWANGANDHA:ashwandgandha for depression and anxiety

To use Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety then, ASHWAGANDHA is a medical herb that can fight to give you relief from depression.

  • Take two leaves of ASHWANGANDHA and make powder of it
  • Now add it in one glass of water and stir well
  • After that drink it slowly
  • Use this treatment 2 times in one day


Doing regular exercises can help to improve the mood and health as well. You can choose any form of exercise that you have a keen interest and perform it regularly. If you have your love for dance or want to become a gymnast now, it is the time to start right away.

7) Use GINKGO BILOBA for Depression and Anxiety:ginkgo biloba for depression and anxiety

Using GINKGO BILOBA can improve your mood, and it is mostly available in the form of supplement you can easily find it any grocery store. Try to take only one on a regular basis and only use as recommended.

8) Use LIGHT THERAPY:light therapy for depression and anxiety

Light therapy is a type of effective remedy that can cheer your mood up. You have to sit in a dark room approximately for 24 hours where you simply have to expose yourself to the light mostly sunlight for 20 minutes in every hour. This therapy reduces the all the symptoms of depression.

9) Use Healthy Diet Plan for Depression and Anxiety:healthy diet plan for depression and anxiety

Whenever you use all the remedies to get relief from depression and anxiety they can work even better when you combine them with the healthy diet plan. Some people still have their question about ‘’how to get rid of depression and anxiety’’ this method will help you sort out the best outcomes.

  • Eat those foods which have omega fatty acids, herring, salmon, and tuna
  • Eat foods which are rich in magnesium like, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds, almonds, whole grains, and spinach
  • Try to get plenty of vitamin C and D
  • Drink water as much as you can to stay hydrated
  • Eat vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes,
  • Try to avoid consuming high amount of sugar

Few other TIPS you should follow while using Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety:

  • Set your everyday schedule and follow it
  • Try to sleep a lot
  • Always make sure to get busy in work, studies or play
  • Make sure to try new things that interest you most to reduce depression
  • Become social and make new friends
  • Set small goals to achieve
  • Avoid smoking and drinking
  • If not any of these above remedies work for you then consult with your doctor

If you haven’t tried any of this following Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety, then it might be a good time to start right away. They will certainly help you to get quick relief, and you can get back your lost confidence. Also, share your experience with to know which remedy worked perfect for you.

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