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How you can use GINGER for Cough with home ingredients


How to use GINGER for Cough – TOP 10 DIY Home Remedies:

As human beings, we have faced many different kinds of health problems, but Cough is one of those which can be very uncomfortable both emotionally and physically. The reason is simple we don’t know the atmosphere of the environment and working in pollution and dust plays a major part for getting a cough. But you can cure it using Ginger for Cough because it is a natural one and it can give you instant relief like no other. But before you turn to it you should know how to use it with other ingredients to have a full advantage. There are two types of a cough one is wet and other is dry. A wet cough caused when the phlegm and mucous developed in the throat, and dry cough caused by dust, allergens, and some irritants in the body.

It is a kind of viral infection that can lead to many other unwanted health problems such as, lung cancer, cold, asthma, tuberculosis, and much more. There are some symptoms of it including, itchy throat, persistent cough, congestion, pain. They may be common but dangerous for health, so you need to take care of it as soon as possible.

Usually, most of the people will look for the cough syrups, and tablets to cure a cough. They can be good but do you know that home ingredients also holds the answer that can provide same effects like other medicines but with more benefits. Yes, you heard it right, the best and easy ingredient is ginger that can give you the same results like the commercial syrups and you won’t need to waste too much money as well.

How is GINGER truly effective in treating COUGH?

  • Ginger has anti-inflammation and antibacterial properties that can destroy bacteria
  • It also helps to lose the congestion levels in the respiratory
  • Ginger also helps to improve your immune system
  • It can soothe the throat and reduces reflex that develops a cough

What home ingredients you can use with GINGER to heal COUGH?

Ginger can be very useful and beneficial in both ways when you use it in cooking and when you use it an as stand alone remedy. But if you are a persistent cough then you can combine with other natural home ingredients to give it some time to recover it. Many people used to think ‘’is ginger good for cough with phlegm’’ you need to give this some time to see how much it proves its importance to heal a cough in time.

1) Use peppermint with GINGER for cough:peppermint with gingr for cough

  • Take 2 cups of water and add 2 tbsp of ginger chopped and 2 tbsp of peppermint
  • Put them in a boil and simmer until they become liquid
  • Now let it cool down for some minutes
  • Now stir it well
  • Use one tbsp of it in every 5 hours
  • Repeat this solution for three weeks regularly

2) Use ACV and cayenne pepper with GINGER:apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper with ginger for cough

  • First, take 3 tbsp of cayenne pepper and one tsp ginger powder fresh with 1 tbsp of ACV
  • Add them in glass of water fresh
  • Mix well and drink it
  • Drink this remedy four times in one day

3) Use black pepper with GINGER for cough:black pepper with ginger for cough

  • Take one-inch ginger and grind it to make juice
  • Now add 1 tbsp of black pepper and mix
  • You add little bit honey and slowly drink it
  • Repeat this remedy three times every day

4) Use TULSI with GINGER:tulsi with ginger for cough

  • First, take pestle and mortar 12 leaves of TULSI
  • Now use ginger one inch and grind it to and separate juice from it
  • Mix both well and consume
  • Remember to take one tbsp of it three times each day

5) Make a tea of GINGER for cough:ginger tea for cough

To use Ginger for Cough, you can also make a tea of it because it is certainly very beneficial for the soothing throat and reduce irritation.

  • Take one-inch ginger and grind it
  • Now add one cup of the water in a bowl and place ground ginger in it
  • Let it simmer for 7 minutes
  • Strain it and let it cool for some minutes
  • Drink this tea two times in one day

6) Use HONEY with GINGER:honey with ginger for cough

  • First, take one root of ginger and separate juice from it
  • Now mix it with one tbsp of, honey
  • Consume it
  • Repeat this remedy three times regularly

7) Use pineapple with GINGER:pineapple with ginger for cough

Pineapple also proves very significant to control a cough and is anti-inflammation as well.

  • Take one small pineapple and chop it into slices
  • Now blend it well and also add 2 inches of ginger in it and little pepper
  • Stir it well
  • Take one tbsp of this in every 3 hours
  • Use this remedy every day

8) Use ONION and Garlic with GINGER:onion and garlic with ginger for cough

  • Take and peel one slice of garlic, and add onion and ginger with same way
  • Now put them in a blender and blend
  • After that set aside them for 3 hours in refrigerator
  • Consume one tbsp of it every day

9) Use THYME with GINGER for cough:thyme with ginger for cough

Using thyme leaves can treat the infection of respiratory and also boost the immune system that gives relief from a cough. Most people who suffer from it consider ‘’chewing ginger for cough’’ well, you don’t always need to do that instead you can choose a better alternative like this one.

  • Take few of the thyme leaves and squeeze them to separate gel from it
  • Place it on the jar and with it some slices pieces of lemon
  • Now add one-inch ginger sliced
  • After that boil it for few minutes
  • Stir it well while it gets chilly
  • Consume one tbsp of it four times in one day

10) Use salt with GINGER for cough:salt with ginger for cough

  • First, take and cut one inch of ginger
  • Make slices of it and pour salt in it
  • Chew it
  • Repeat this process two times on everyday basis

Few important TIPS that you should follow while using Ginger for Cough to get better results in short time period:

  • If you are allergic to it then avoid using ginger
  • You can also gargle with salt and water to remove irritation in throat
  • Do not use lukewarm or cold water
  • If you have a cough is still persistent after using remedies then consult with your doctor
  • You can also drink soups
  • Consume plenty of liquids

All of the solutions you see of Ginger for Cough are very helpful and has their advantages for your health. So give them a try and let me know what you think because your concern is precious for me.

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