GARLIC for Cold to Get Rid of Cold Naturally – 10 DIY Home Remedies


How We Can Use GARLIC for COLD To Get Rid of Cold Instantly:

For some of you who don’t know that garlic has been used in for treating many health problems for many centuries as a remedy that includes cold which caused but some viral infection. So if you ever encounter this one, then you can easily use Garlic for Cold because it can be very much effective if you use it in right way. Cold is looked like a standard issue and characterized by in various forms like sneezing, sore throat, coughing, runny nose, inflammation and weaker immune system. Anyone can get into cold, not because of just weather but also the body changes its temperature as well.

The main of it is that the mucous that relates throat and nose gets affected by infection and leads to cold. There are many commercially successful cold drugs available you can use but their effects do not last very long, and you could also get some side effects. So why use them when you can treat it using natural home ingredients safely and efficiently. Yes you heard it right it is the time that you turn your attention to garlic and below you are will find everything with proper details.

How can Garlic treat cold correctly?

  • Garlic contains the properties of antiseptics that can help to improve immune system and protects you against severe infection
  • It also contains antioxidant properties that can destroy cold viruses permanently
  • Oil available in garlic is natural that can break the mucus infections in body
  • It also contains sulfur, vitamin C, and selenium that can help body to fight against cold

Which top remedies of GARLIC are sufficient to cure a cold in the body?

As standalone remedy garlic has proven its importance over the past several centuries but when you want to use it on a regular basis then it needs to use in all forms and shapes except in cooking. Some people have their question about ‘’is garlic good for colds and coughs’’ you can only believe it when you combine it with other ingredients and see the best outcomes of those treatments.

1) Use water with GARLIC for cold:water with garlic for cold

  • Take 2 cloves of garlic and minced it
  • Add one cup of water in it and stir
  • Drink this 2 times in one day

2) Use Honey with GARLIC:honey with garlic for cold

  • Take 6 cloves of garlic and minced them
  • Now put them in one jar and add one tbsp of honey
  • Mix well and store it in the refrigerator for some time
  • Eat those cloves one by one for whole week

3) Use orange and GARLIC for cold:orange with garlic for cold

  • Take one clove of garlic and minced it and wait 8 minutes
  • Now eat one of it
  • After that immediately drink one glass of fresh juice of orange
  • Repeat it only when you go to bed

4) Use GARLIC toast:water with garlic for cold

  • First, take one garlic and grind it and wait for 5 minutes, so all the enzymes get activated
  • At the same moment make a toast of, using bread and put little bit of honey and spread
  • Now sprinkle the garlic minced on it and eat
  • Follow this remedy on daily basis

5) Use GARLIC in raw form:garlic in raw form for cold

To use Garlic for Cold the best way you can utilize it when you can’t find any other ingredient in its natural form which is quite beneficial as well.

  • First, take one small clove of garlic and crush it
  • Now suck this clove for 12 minutes
  • You can also eat fresh cloves of garlic
  • Repeat this procedure I every 3 hours in one day

6) Make Tea of GARLIC:tea of garlic for cold

  • First, take one clove of garlic and crush it and one tbsp root of ginger
  • Now boil one cup of water and put these two in it and stir
  • Let them simmer for 6 minutes
  • After that strain the tea
  • Drink it on daily basis two times

7) Use OLIVE OIL with GARLIC:olive oil with garlic for cold

  • Take 4 cloves of garlic and minced them
  • Now add 2 tbsp of olive oil and mix
  • Wait for 25 minutes
  • Rub it on your feet and soles
  • Leave for one night
  • Wash it next morning

8) Use TOMATO and GARLIC:tomato and garlic for cold

Tomato is widely known for its antibacterial properties that can use for internal use and provide excellent results. Those who still think ‘’how to use garlic for a sore throat’’ your answer lie in this remedy.

  • First chop 2 cloves of garlic and 2 small tomatoes
  • Place them together and blend
  • Once mixture add one tbsp of basil dried and stir
  • Drink this mixture
  • Repeat it until your body gets in stable

9) Use shrimp with GARLIC:shrimp with garlic for cold

  • First, take some of the shrimp peeled and 4 cloves of garlic
  • Use a big sauce pan and add both of them to it and mix
  • Add some pepper and salt
  • Cook for some minutes
  • After that pour one tbsp juice of lemon
  • Drink it only when it is hot
  • Use it two times in one week

10) Make soup of GARLIC:soup of garlic for cold

  • Take 5 cups of chicken broth and 2 tbsp of olive oil with some cloves of garlic chopped
  • Place them one big frying pan and boil it
  • Let it simmer for 45 minutes
  • After that strain it
  • Add pinch of salt
  • Eat the soup 2 times in one day

Few precautions that can prove highly valuable while using Garlic for Cold:

  • If you take garlic in high amount, then it can cause bad breath and irritation
  • Garlic can make the blood thin so never to use any blood thinner
  • It can also lower the glucose level and release insulin in body
  • Try to drink as much as water as you can while using garlic remedies
  • Get enough rest as possible
  • Eat only healthy diet

If you are a victim of cold and want to get rid of it fast, then use these solutions of Garlic for Cold that can help you in every way possible. You can always share your story with me which was provided you the best results in time.

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