8 DIY Home Remedies of Garlic for Cold Sores – [TOP 8 Ways]


TOP 8 Best Home Remedies of Garlic for Cold Sores:

Have you ever wonder why your body still feels so much pain or imbalance the temperature because of cold sores there are many forms of it like oral herpes, and fever blisters. It can appear on your chin, nose, and lips. You may get too worried how to cure it using other supplements or medicines, but home remedies are a great way to tackle it and reverse the infection using Garlic for Cold Sores because it has so many great health benefits for us. In case you are not aware of it, this kind of virus enters the body through the wounds, scratches, and cuts. It can also get a transfer from one person to another by sharing certain items or touching.

Usually, cold sores can treat in just three weeks time but the virus stays in our body and whenever our body’s immune system becomes weaker it actives again and develop another cold sore. According to many medical surveys, it has shown that using garlic in raw form can give you positive results to treat this type of severe infection. It can certainly help to boost the healing procedure for internal usage and give strength to the immune system to prevent any recurrence of this oral viral herpes in the body.

How can GARLIC be useful in healing COLD SORES?

  • GARLIC contains, antiviral, antibacterial and anti parasitic properties that can destroy the herpes of any type in the body
  • It is also anti-inflammation that can help to reduce pain, redness, and swelling
  • Garlic can boost the healing procedure quite fast instead of other natural ingredients

Which Home Remedies of GARLIC Prove Beneficial in treating Cold Sores?

Garlic can be so much great when you use it in your meal, but now you are about to find out how it can treat cold sores of any type with complete details using with other ingredients. Some people have their doubts about how ’garlic paste for cold sores’’ can work perfectly well, below you are about to find out.

1) Use juice of GARLIC for cold sores:juice of garlic for cold sores

This is one of the best treatments to heal cold sores without having any side effects.

  • Take few of the cloves of garlic
  • Separate juice from it
  • Now use any cotton ball and apply on the cold sores
  • Let it dry for some minutes
  • Wash it with water
  • Repeat this process daily one time

2) Use OLIVE OIL with GARLIC:olive oil with garlic for cold sores

  • Take the equal amount of garlic and olive oil
  • Mix them well and use cotton ball to apply on the area of sores
  • Let it soak for 6 minutes
  • Leave for one night and wash next morning
  • Repeat this process two times regularly in night

3) Use a slice of GARLIC for cold sores:slice of gralic for cold sores

  • Take one clove of garlic and peel it
  • Now place it on the cold sores area
  • Hold it for some minutes until the stinging sensation goes away
  • Now take out the clove and wash it with hot water
  • Repeat this procedure 3 times until the infection gets cleaned up

4) Use paste of GARLIC:paste of garlic for cold sores

To use Garlic for Cold Sores, you can make the paste of it and use it; you will see great results in a concise time.

  • First, take some cloves of garlic
  • Place them in a grinder and add some water in it
  • Now crush them and make paste of it
  • Apply it on the area of affected cores
  • Wait for some minutes to get it dry and wash it with water
  • Follow this remedy regularly to clean the sores on skin

5) Use Honey and GARLIC for cold sores:honey and garlic for cold sores

  • Take 2 cloves of garlic and crush them
  • Now add one tbsp of honey and mix
  • Apply it directly on the sores
  • Leave it for some minutes to dry
  • Wash it with water
  • Repeat it on daily basis to take out oral herpes

6) Use Avocado with GARLIC:avocado with garlic for cold sores

Avocado has vitamin E that can help to improve the nutrition level and stops the herpes viruses.

  • First, take some cloves of garlic
  • Peel and grind them to make paste
  • Add it in the pulp of avocado and mix
  • Drink this mixture
  • Continue doing this on daily basis

7) Use powder of GARLIC:powder of garlic for cold sores

If you can’t find fresh garlic then you can use powder of garlic, it is an excellent way to treat cold sores and promises healing effects quite fast. If you are wondering about ‘’best way to get rid of cold sores on lips’’ then this might just prove right for your health.

  • Take 2 tbsp powder of garlic and mix it in one cup of water and stir
  • Let it stay in that way for 3 minutes
  • Use it to apply on the sores
  • Leave for some minutes to soak and wash it with water
  • Repeat this remedy one time for the whole week

8) Use water with GARLIC:water with garlic for cold sores

  • First, take 2 cloves of garlic and crush them
  • Now add one glass of water and mix
  • Drink this while it is still fresh
  • Repeat this cure regularly 4 times in one day

Few of the necessary safety TIPS you need to follow before using Garlic for Cold Sores Treatment:

  • Using can cause some stinging which will be discomfort so always avoid using it for extended time
  • Try to consume only 2 or 3 cloves of garlic taking too much will cause gastrointestinal problems
  • Avoid using juice of garlic in eyes to It will cause burning sensation
  • If you are a person who sensitive skin then avoid using it or it will cause irritation
  • You need to maintain a good hygiene and eat fresh foods to keep immune system in perfect condition
  • Make sure to brush your mouth after using garlic to avoid having bad breath

Just follow all these remedies of Garlic for Cold Sores with tips so you can avoid having any side effects. Don’t hesitate in using them go for it and also share your experience with me which one worked fantastic for you.

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