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How to Use EPSOM SALT for Constipation – TOP 4 Ways


How You Can Use EPSOM SALT for CONSTIPATION – TOP 4 DIY Home Remedies:

For those of you who don’t know that constipation is a condition that can be very painful if you just avoid it and thinks that it will go away itself. But that’s not entirely accurate. There are many kinds of solutions you can follow but unfortunately, their impacts are very short, and you will get side effects making it even more severe. So your best option is to use Epsom Salt for Constipation it is known for itself smoothness and relief pain properties for the human body. It can help to treat constipation efficiently and don’t take it as a regular salt but as a natural mineral component that has sulfur and magnesium in it.

Constipation is defined as an irritated bowel movement which anyone can get because the silly mistakes you do, and it can cause several health problems also makes the stool movements very slow from the colon. The time could be difficult as no matter how many times you go to bathroom the waste just do not come, and still you push harder, and you feel pain  that is where people made mistakes by eating that type of food which their body can’t resist and digest or any wrong chemical exposure can lead to this condition.

What properties Epsom salt contains that can help in treating CONSTIPATION?

  • Epsom salt contains magnesium, and sulfur that acts as active laxative to draw out water from the bowels and soften the stools
  • The magnesium in the salt make contraction with muscles of intestine and making stool excreted quickly
  • It also works as detoxify agent to clean colon naturally

Which are the appropriate ways you can use EPSOM SALT to get relief from Constipation?

Most people usually use Epsom salt with other ingredients which are a good thing, but in this case, you only need to use it as a standalone remedy so it can works perfectly in curing constipation, and you can feel relax permanently. So instead of using expensive medicines and pills you can just make your mind and choose it and see results. Many people still have their doubts over ‘’how fast does Epsom salt work as a laxative’’ you can only find your answers when you give this a try.

1) Use WATER with EPSOM SALT for Constipation:water with epsom salt for constipation

You can’t just eat Epsom salt because it is cumbersome and you can feel irritation while swallowing it, so better to use it with water that can help to make it more impactful.

  • First, take one tbsp of Epsom salt and 4 ounces of water
  • Mix them well and drink while you are sitting
  • Repeat this process three times in one day

2) Use LEMON with EPSOM SALT:lemon with epsom salt for constipation

Lemon can quickly soothe the stool because it has acids and vitamin C in it that can cleanse the colon naturally and fast.

  • First, take one tbsp juice of lemon and one tbsp of Epsom salt
  • Mix well and consume it
  • You can add little bit of sugar if you can’t resist too much bitterness
  • Apply this treatment more than two times each day

3) Take a bath of EPSOM SALT for Constipation:bath of epsom salt for constipation

According to many medical surveys, they have come to a conclusion that magnesium can cause chronic pain if you are taking it in high amount. So to use Epsom Salt for Constipation, you can only take a bath in it that can help you to get relief from having any side effects and cure it naturally.

  • First, make two cups of Epsom salt and pour it in the bath tub
  • Now add hot water to it and mix
  • After that add one cup powder of ginger and one cup of BAKING SODA and stir well
  • Soak it for 35 minutes so it can remove all the toxins in body
  • Now wash it with clean water
  • Continue doing this remedy for three times in one week

4) Use Message of EPSOM SALT for Constipation:message of epsom salt for constipation

You may have learned about how to stop constipation in adults and what about children? They can also have it, but you can help them to get rid of it as well. Healthy children could have 2 to 3 stools each day, but you can use Epsom salt on children who are under five years age.

  • Take one cup of Epsom salt and add in the warm water of bath tub
  • Soak the children in it for 12 minutes
  • Once you’ve done apply olive oil onto their abdomen massage it gently
  • Repeat this remedy two times regularly

Can pregnant women use EPSOM SALT to cure CONSTIPATION?

If you are pregnant and have constipation then it is important that you first consult your doctor because magnesium and sulfur in Epsom salt can harm the unborn child, it can also lower the calcium level if you take it by yourself. It is also a fact that it Epsom salt is not too much harm, but you can use it by diluting it in warm water so it can give you relief from pain and aches and get rid of constipation. But use it in small amounts.

Where you can get EPSOM SALT:

You can easily find Epsom salt in your local grocery stores and a drug house. Many people still raise a question about ‘’how much Epsom salt to drink’’ well, it is not that hard to find all you need is just one tbsp or one cup to use it. Epsom salt will cost you for $6.

Few Safety TIPS you should follow while using Epsom Salt for Constipation:

  • Do not use Epsom salt too much only monitor the instruction I have mentioned above
  • Avoid taking any other medicines otherwise, it will not work appropriately
  • It can increase your thirst for water so make sure to drink lots of water
  • Epsom salt can also be used for many other problems like Enema, nausea, and bloating
  • If still this does not work for more than two weeks contact your doctor

You can follow all these incredible remedies of Epsom Salt for Constipation using a healthy diet plan which can lead to better digestion system as well. Just remember to give me your feedback so others can learn to use it well.

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