TOP 9 Constipation Remedies You Can Try At Home – Best 9 Tips


If you are having a hard time with your bowels or feel yourself in dire need of a few constipation remedies, then you are not alone. Statistics show that more than 20% of the US population is suffering from gastrointestinal problems and about 725 million dollars are spent just on laxatives. But the fact is that these medicines do more harm than they do good, which is why experts recommend going with natural remedies.

Most Common Reasons that lead to constipation

In case if you are also a victim of constipation, then there can be several reasons behind it, and most of these cases take place in the gastrointestinal tract of the body. Some of the factors that can lead to constipation include:

  • Poor Diet

The food rich in alcohol, synthetic additives, sugar, carbohydrates and unhealthy fasts makes it extremely difficult for the body to produce the regular movements of the bowel.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Persistent constipation can often be attributed to the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome along with several other symptoms.

  • Stress

The increased levels of stress lead to the production of neurotransmitters and hormones, which can influence the overall muscle inflammation, tension as well as affect the digestive functioning.

  • Deficiency of magnesium

Magnesium assists in the normal functioning of muscles, whereas the reduced magnesium levels can worsen the emotional stress symptoms and muscle tension.

  • Certain Medications

A few medications that implement iron, calcium supplements, anticonvulsants, narcotics, anticholinergics, antidepressants, and antacids can lead to constipation.

  • Lack of physical activity

Keeping your body fit and healthy improves the flow of blood, reduces the stress levels and strengthens the muscles, along with the ones present in the digestive tract.

  • Poor Sleep

Jet lag, improper lifestyle and traveling can cause poor sleep, which directly impacts the digestive system, thus leading to constipation.

  • Age

In some cases, old people lose their interest in foods, which can cause the lack of calories and the fiber in the body, which consequently affects the digestive processes.

9 Most effective Constipation Remedies you can try at home.

If you are reading this, then there might be a chance that you are looking for a solution to “how to get rid of constipation immediately.” We recommend almost all of our readers to prefer home remedies than going for commercial solutions, as they do more bad than they do good. This is particularly true for their long-term usage.

  1. Prunes for constipation

Thanks to the presence of enormous quantities of sorbitol and fiber, prunes act as extremely efficient natural laxatives. The sorbitol helps in softening and bulking the stool by drawing plenty of water from the intestines.

  • In the morning, drink 8 oz. of fresh prune juice
  • Also, drink it before going to bed
  • Or you can also consume prunes instead of being drinking their juice
  1. Lemons for constipation

The presence of citric acid in the lemons helps in flushing the toxins out of the body and improves the digestion process. It also removes the undigested materials that get stuck to the walls of the colon.

  • Take a fresh lemon
  • Squeeze its juice in a cup of warm water
  • Stir both of the ingredients well
  • Drink this juice in the morning on an empty stomach
  1. Blackstrap Molasses for constipation

As a rich source of magnesium and potassium, blackstrap molasses work as an efficient and fast-acting constipation relief. It draws the water into the bowels and moistens them. Thanks to its alkalinity, it lets the intestines to form proper stools by regulating the digestive processes.

For adults:

  • Take some warm water in a cup
  • Add and mix two TBSP of blackstrap molasses in it, along with some organic apple cider vinegar
  • Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly
  • Drink this mixture

For kids with gas pain and constipation issues:

  • To an ounce of boiled water, add a TBSP of blackstrap molasses
  • Use this remedy thrice a day
  1. Flaxseed Oil for constipation

Flaxseed oil possesses excellent antidiarrheal and laxative properties. It coats the walls of intestines and eases the movement of stool through them. The usefulness of this remedy can be significantly enhanced by adding some orange juice to it, as the oranges contain enormous quantities of fibers in them.

  • To a freshly prepared glass of orange juice, add and stir a TBSP of flaxseed oil
  • Drink this mixture, and it will start showing its effects after 5 hours
  1. Aloe Vera for constipation

The pure Aloe Vera gel possesses laxative capabilities, because of the presence of Anthraquinone Glycosides in it. You can also put the commercial Aloe Vera juice in place of the pure gel if you don’t have the plant at home.

  • Prepare a glass of fresh juice
  • To it, add 2 TBSP of Aloe Vera gel (pure form is preferred)
  • Mix both of the ingredients
  • Drink this mixture on an empty stomach, in the morning
  • Repeat this procedure on, as necessary basis
  1. Baking Soda for constipation

You can use baking soda for constipation remedies as well as for treating tummy aches, and surprisingly, it works for about 95% of the time. It neutralizes the acid, re-alkalizes the stomach, helps things to pass through the gut and encourages the air to come out.

  • In a ¼ cup of warm water, add and mix a TBSP of baking soda
  • Quickly drink this mixture
  • It is important to note that the earlier you drink, the better it works to put the things to work
  • Repeat this procedure within 4 hours only if you didn’t see any signs of the movement of bowel
  1. Epsom Salt for Constipation

Epsom salt absorbs the water from the surrounding and softens it to let it pass quickly and without causing too much trouble. The magnesium, present in the Epsom salt, contracts the bowel and reduces its size.

  • Take a cup of freshly prepared juice of fruit, or warm water
  • Dissolve 2 TBSP of Epsom salt in it
  • Drink this solution quickly with a repetition within 4 hours

Note regarding the use of Epsom salt as constipation remedies: Even though the table salt can also help in softening the bowel, but due to the absence of magnesium in it, the use of Epsom salt is preferred.

  1. Cinnamon and Honey for constipation

Honey, as a natural laxative, is one of the best home remedies for constipation immediate relief, as it strengthens the digestive system of the body and helps the body in the elimination of hardened stools.

  • Take some water in a pot (about a cup will do)
  • Put this water on flame and boil it
  • To the boiling water, add an inch of cinnamon and ginger
  • Let the mixture simmer down for about 5 minutes
  • Remove the pot from the flame
  • Let the mixture cool down until it gets to the lukewarm condition
  • Strain the liquid from the mixture and some honey to it for improving the taste
  • Stir it well and drink it
  • Repeat this process four times every day
  1. Raisins for constipation

Raisins add a lot of bulk to the stool, as they contain plenty of fiber content and act as a natural laxative for the body. Raisins, if added to the daily diet, can help in the prevention of constipation-related issues, even in the future.

  • Take a handful of raisins and soak them in water overnight
  • In the morning, take them out of the water and eat them on an empty stomach
  • Eat a few fresh raisins every day

Safety precautions and tips for constipation remedies

  • Include fiber-rich foods in your diets, as they relieve the patient from constipation and improve the digestive health.
  • You can also use probiotics as immediate constipation relief adults, as they contain the beneficial bacteria which maintain the moisture in the intestines and keep the stools loose.
  • Avoid the use of dairy products, mainly if you are intolerant to them. Dairy-based products reduce the movement of bowel and cause constipation.
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water on a daily basis.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your body active by exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • In case, if you are feeling a lot of pain in your belly, or blood in stools, or are losing weight quickly without dieting, then get yourself checked by a doctor.
  • Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, refined dairy products as well as fried foods and processed flour, if you are suffering from constipation.

Which of the constipation remedies mentioned above did you use, and how did it work for you. Please do your experiences with us. Also, don’t forget to share your queries and suggestions with us.

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