How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth Fast – TOP 9 Proven Methods


Coconut Oil for Hair Growth – How you can Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth and Treatment:

Hair loss is a natural process which eventually we all have to face and endure it at some point in our lives. Many people from their birth genetically are in this condition where they lose more hair than others.  An individual who tries different efforts whether it is men or women seeing that bald spots the moment you see your hair can be a frustrating. You can surely use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth which doesn’t matter if any medical condition causes your hair loss, from your genetics or simply having mistreatments doing with your hair, to give back the growth of your hair.

There are many options where most people try their ways to solve the problem of hair growth and end up losing their hair in so many ways. Nowadays, so many dangerous chemical hair products and procedures are coming out that put a person’s hair at risk, where some remedies assistance might stop the natural growth of the hair and fewer chances of getting side effects.

Is COCONUT OIL useful to treat Hair Growth?

  • Coconut oil is antiviral, and antifungal that helps to prevent dandruff also detoxify scalp
  • It can also moisturize your scalp and protect from wind, sun, and pollution.
  • When you apply on scalp and massage, it can stimulate circulation of blood and hair gets enough nutrients
  • Coconut oil contains vitamin E and antioxidant that makes hair shinier and silky

What techniques of COCONUT OIL that works splendidly for Hair Growth?

The purpose of using these remedies is to help your hair follicles to re grow them so they can get back to the way they used to work. Many people got confused between ”what kind of coconut oil is best for hair” well you don’t have to incline toward anything uncommon only utilize it frequently and see critical results.

1) Use Simple Coconut Oil for Hair Growth:simple coconut oil for hair growth

  • Take some coconut oil and add in water
  • Now warm it and apply on the hair and massage gently
  • leave it for one hour and rinse with any shampoo
  • Use three times for whole one week

2) Use LEMON and Coconut Oil for Hair Growth Fast:lemon and coconut oil for hair growth

  • Take one tbsp coconut oil and two tsp juice of lemon
  • Stir well and apply on scalp for 4 minutes
  • Leave it for one night and wash next morning
  • Take every day only in night

3) Use ALMOND OIL and Coconut Oil for Hair Growth Treatment:almond oil and coconut oil for hair growth

  • Take some drops of coconut oil and some drops almond oil
  • Mix both well and massage on scalp for 8 minutes gently
  • Leave for 2 hours
  • Wash it utilizing water and shampoo
  • Repeat cure 2 times for 7 days

4) Use INDIAN GOOSEBERRY and COCONUT OIL:indian gooseberry and coconut oil for hair growth

Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize Coconut Oil for Hair Growth you can likewise like to use Indian gooseberry that has abnormal state of properties draw out poisons and nourish hair.

  • Take two tbsp coconut oil and one tbsp dried Indian gooseberry
  • Mix them and simmer for 7 minutes
  • apply in the on the scalp and leave for the night, next day wash it
  • rehash it two times the on a consistent schedule

5) Use AVOCADO and COCONUT OIL:avocado and coconut oil for hair growth

  • Take one tbsp avocado juice and 3 tsp warm coconut oil
  • Mix well and massage into scalp for 6 minutes
  • Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse using water
  • Follow it 3 times for 4 weeks

6) Use CASTOR OIL and Coconut Oil for Hair Growth:castor oil and coconut oil for hair growth

This remedy can help to prevent split ends and promote hair grow faster.

  • Take equal amount of coconut oil and castor oil
  • Mix well and directly apply on scalp and hair
  • leave it for 3 hours and wash using hot water
  • Try this procedure 3 times for whole one week

7) Use OLIVE OIL and COCONUT OIL:olive oil and coconut oil for hair growth

Olive oil is known to be capable against irritation that can diminish torment, swelling, which are connected to hair problems. A few people have their inquiry identified with ”how often should you put coconut oil in your hair” you can just make your brain once you perform it and perceive how it functions.

  • Take one tsp of olive oil and 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • Boil them and apply on hair and scalp
  • leave it for some minutes
  • wash it using any conditioner and shampoo
  • You can utilize this each day one time

8) Use HONEY and Coconut Oil for Hair Growth:honey and coconut oil for hair growth

  • Take equal amounts of honey in raw form and coconut oil
  • Mix them and heat for some seconds
  • Now apply it on scalp carefully and leave for 45 minutes
  • Rinse it with shampoo
  • Keep doing this 4 times for one week

9) Use SHANA SEEDS and COCONUT OIL:shana seeds and coconut oil for hair growth

  • First heat coconut oil and some powder of SHANA Seeds
  • Make thicker paste and apply on scalp
  • Leave for 35 minutes and wash using shampoo
  • Repeat it on regular basis

Imperative Precautions that can help you to get better results while utilizing Coconut Oil for Hair Growth:

  • Never to iron your hair
  • avoid using blow dryers at all cost
  • do not apply any hair styling product because it contains harsh chemicals
  • eat a well balanced healthy diet
  • do regular exercises that interested you most
  • Drink water to stay in hydrated condition
  • Get sleep as much as you can

You can utilize Coconut Oil for Hair Growth to get comfortable to promote them naturally. There are no causes included. You can share with me your experience so I can know which one worked out best for you.

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