TOP 7 DIY Home Remedies using Onion for Boils – [Best 7 Tips]


Experts recommend using onion for boils rather than commercial medications, as they contain harsh chemicals which can damage the skin. Abscess skin or boils are a particular type of skin infection which occurs when the body starts excreting the toxins from the areas with ingrown hairs. Furthermore, boils can also be found in areas of the cuts that get exposed to sweat or friction and get lodged by foreign materials.

Although they aren’t contagious, the bacteria, which is causing the boils, is. The people who are suffering from eczema, kidney problems, cancer, AIDS, acne, diabetes, obesity, blood disorders and alcoholism are much more prone to develop skin boils. It is not a serious or harmful health issue, but they need to get removed. For the purpose, you can use many home remedies, i.e., garlic, milk, onion, etc.

What makes onion for boils effective against boils?

  • Onions contain enormous quantities of essential oils, which possess potent antiseptic, antifungal, analgesic, expectorant and anticoagulant properties to assist in fighting against boils and preventing them from recurring.
  • Onions have 25 active components, including potassium salts, flavonoids, and sulfur, which are potent anti-inflammatory compounds and help in getting rid of the pain.
  • Onions assist in ensuring the proper circulation of blood throughout the body, thus draw the pus out of the boils for providing quick relief.
  • Red onions eliminate the toxins from the body and disinfect the wounds.
  • The antiseptic chemicals present in onions work as anti-microbial irritants and treat boils by drawing blood to the affected areas of the skin.
  • Being an absorbent, it pulls the bad stuff out of the boils, burst them and relieves the person from inflammation and pain.

Best 7 Methods to use onion for boils

If you are looking for a method of “how to draw out a boil fast “, then you are at right place. You can use following methods of treating skin boils using onions. It is important to note that being natural remedies, they can take some time to show their results. Moreover, make sure to have a nutritious and healthy diet, while maintaining your weight.

  1. Onion Poultice for Boilsonion poultice for boils

  • Take a fresh onion and cut it into thick slices
  • Place those slices over the affected areas of the skin
  • Secure the slices with a cloth or bandage to generate heat to boil along with drawing the blood
  • Let it stay on for about four hours
  • Replace this poultice with a fresh one
  • Keep repeating the procedure until the boil drains

As an alternative of using a poultice of onion for boils: You can cover the boils with potato slices, garlic cloves, and onion slices or the juice of all these ingredients. Secure them with bandages or gauzes.

  1. Onion Water for Boilsonion water for boils

  • In a saucepan, pour a cup of water
  • Place this pan on the stove
  • Finely chop an onion and add it to the water in the pot
  • Stir it well
  • Let the water boil for about a few minutes, until the half of the water remains
  • Remove the pan from the flame
  • Keep it aside to cool it down to the room temperature
  • Use this water to wash the boils with the help of a cotton ball
  • You can also use a muslin cloth to strain the liquid and squeeze to extract the juice
  • Repeat the process once every day
  1. Garlic and Onion Juice for Boilsgarlic and onion juice for boils

The combination of juices from garlic and onion for boils enhances the blood circulation, draws out the toxins from the skin and reduces the inflammation.

  • Take a fresh onion along with five garlic cloves
  • Finely chop them and crush them using a sieve
  • Press the cut pieces to extract their juice
  • Apply this juice on the affected areas of the skin
  • Let the application dry by leaving it there for a few minutes
  • Wipe the mixture off and rise using lukewarm water
  • For best results, use the mix for about four to five times every day

Note: You can also use raw garlic on boils.

  1. Onion Paste for Boilsonion paste for boils

  • Take a fresh onion and chop it into pieces
  • In a grinder, mix it with a little hot water to make a fine paste
  • Use the paste on the affected areas of the skin
  • Rinse off the mixture with fresh water after letting it dry
  • Pat dry your skin
  • Use this paste on a regular basis
  1. Bacon and Onion for Boilsbacon and onion for boils

Thanks to the high salt content of bacon, it effectively treats boils by creating an irritation inside of them and heating them to get the pus out.

  • Take a fresh onion and cut a slice from it
  • Heat this slice in a hot skillet, until its transparency is achieved
  • From a bacon slice, cut a square piece and put it in the same pan
  • Warm the bacon piece from the both sides
  • Take out the middle rings from the onion piece
  • Place the piece of the bacon on the boils and seal it with the rings of onions
  • Use a gauze to wrap it up
  • Keep it there for a few hours
  • Use this remedy on a regular basis
  1. Milk, Bread, and Onion for Boilsmilk, bread, and onion for boils

The combination of onions, bread and milk assists in drawing out the pus from the boils for providing quick relief.

  • Take a thick slice of bread
  • Pour a small amount of hot milk over it and stir well
  • Mix a grated onion along with the milk to make a fine paste
  • On the infected sore or boils, apply this paste
  • Wash the paste off by leaving it there for a few more minutes
  • Follow this procedure on a regular basis to get rid of boils along with itching and pain
  1. Honey and Onion for Boilshoney and onion for boils

If you are suffering from cystic acne, then this honey and onion remedy can assist you in getting rid of it along with boils.

  • To a 1 TBSP of fresh onion juice, add and mix ¼ TBSP of raw honey
  • Stir the ingredients well to get a thoroughly consistent mixture
  • Apply this mixture of honey and onion on cyst and boils
  • Wash the mixture off after leaving it on for a few minutes
  • Pat dry your skin
  • You can use a slice of onion, cooked in olive oil, on the acne to remove the pus from it

Safety precautions and tips using onion for boils

If you want to get quick relief, without facing any side effects from any of the remedies mentioned above, then follow these simple precautions and tips.

  • Squeezing a large boil can increase the risks of spreading the infection to the other parts of the body. So, if you have a large boil on the skin, don’t squeeze it.
  • Always use an antiseptic face wash and soap in your daily routine
  • Always use fresh onion juice, rather than a sweet onion. A raw onion on a boil will compress the boil by ripening it to eliminate the pus by breaking it out.
  • Try using small onions for all of the remedies mentioned above, as the little onions possess strong juice and flavor.
  • For achieving increased effectiveness, use red onions that smell strong, compared to the white onions.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then it is better to avoid the excess usage of onions.
  • As onions enhance the flow of blood, they also increase the chances of bruising or bleeding. So, in case, if you are using antiplatelet or anticoagulant drugs, then you should better not consume more onions. This is also true for the patients of heartburn.
  • Make sure that you aren’t allergic to onions before implementing any of the onion based remedies mentioned above. For the purpose, you can perform a small patch test.
  • Include vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C rich foods in your diet to avoid bacterial infections. Always prefer using boiled onions in the place of the fried onions to get to the prescribed recommended limits of minerals and vitamins intake.
  • If you are suffering from fever, chills or swellings on the other parts of the body, then consult your doctor.
  • Furthermore, if the boils are getting larger than the size of half an inch, then immediately get yourself check by a doctor.

If you think that we forgot to mention an excellent remedy using onion for boils, then do tell us. Also, don’t hesitate to share your queries, suggestions, and experiences with us. We truly appreciate that.

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