How to Use LEMON for Body Odor to Get Rid Of Quickly – TOP 7 Ways


How Can We Use Lemon for Body Odor – TOP 7 DIY Home Remedies:

If there is one problem that is annoying and unpleasant, then body odor is one of them. The reason is simple whenever you sweat and go around the smell of your body badly, and people around don’t want you to walk on their side. There are a lot of remedies you can use to get rid of it, but the actual one that most people is a demand to have quick results and for that Lemon for Body odor is perfect to consider in every way possible. Now many people may have a hot body, but they only can’t know what makes their body so much smelly, when the bacteria enters the body, it breaks all the acids and in sweat and causing body odor which can be very discomfort for many people.

There are so many symptoms of it, you can figure out, but in reality, it is our mistake that leads to this point that includes gastrointestinal problem, having not so good hygiene, medical issues, and taking false nutrients.  No matter how many times you try to get rid of it, it will appear once your body is filled with sweat and smells quite bad in front of another person.

Now you can go for some commercially available deodorants in the market that can hide the odor just for temporary but their effects also not longer than one week or two. So it is better to go for natural home ingredients that can address this problem all the way to its root and eliminate it especially the LEMON. Below you are about to learn everything about it with complete and necessary details to prevent body odor forever.

How is Lemon for Body odor sufficient to control body smell?

  • LEMON naturally has acids that can balance the PH level of your body and also stop the bacteria growth as well
  • It contains the properties of anti-fungal that can lower the microbes in the skin that causes too much sweat
  • LEMON also knew as astringent that can lighten and shrink pores and reduce production of sweat in body
  • LEMON has the fresh citrusy of smell that also covers all the bad smell and shrinks and works as natural deodorant

What are the quick remedies of Lemon for Body Odor?

We all know that fruit can be used in many forms like raw, and make juice of it both are valuable asset and benefits for body’s health. But if you combine it with other home natural ingredients then its effects will give you more results in a concise time. Now some people might have their doubts about ‘’how to remove body odor permanently’’ well this is not just a dream but now has become a reality just read the complete post to understand more accurately.

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1) Use ACV with Lemon for Body Odor:apple cider vinegar with lemon for body odor

  • Take one tbsp juice of lemon with 2 tbsp of ACV and place them in one glass of hot water
  • Mix them well until dissolved and use cotton ball to dip
  • Use it to wipe all the areas of body and underarms
  • Repeat this cure two times in one day

2) Use Salt with Lemon for Body Odor:salt with lemon for body odor

  • Take one lemon and cut it into half
  • Now sprinkle some salt over it
  • After that rub it in your underarms and as you squeeze it
  • Do this for next 13 minutes and wait for 8 minutes and then wash
  • Repeat it one time in one single day

3) Use BAKING SODA with Lemon for Body Odor:baking soda with lemon for body odor

  • Take one tbsp of BAKING SODA with one tsp juice of lemon and some water
  • Put them all in a bowl and mix until they become smooth like thin paste
  • Apply it on the underarms and leave it for dry
  • After some time wash it with water
  • Repeat this cure once on regular basis

4) Use pure Lemon for Body Odor:pure lemon for body odor

  • Take one small lemon and cut it into half
  • Squeeze all the juice from it
  • Use a cotton ball to rub in underarms and other areas of body
  • Let it soak on its own
  • After that taking shower
  • You can attempt this treatment 3 times in one day

5) Use Hydrogen peroxide with Lemon for Body Odor:hydrogen peroxide with lemon for body odor

There is no denying that hydrogen peroxide has the most powerful germ destroying properties, but if you use it with Lemon for Body Odor, then it can kill the fungal from within in no time.

  • You can make this solution by adding one tbsp of hydrogen peroxide with 2 tbsp juice of lemon
  • Put them in 2 cups of water
  • Use any clean cloth and dip in it and use it on you the underarms for 5 minutes
  • Follow this remedy 2 times in one day

6) Use POTATO with Lemon for Body Odor:potatoes with lemon for body odor

  • Take one small size potato and peel it
  • Grind it to make paste of it and add 2 tbsp juice of lemon in it
  • Stir well and apply it on the areas of odor
  • Wait for half an hour and wash it
  • Do this remedy 5 times in one week

7) Use TOMATO with Lemon for Body Odor:tomatoes with lemon for body odor

Tomato contains the high amount of anti-oxidants that can shrink the pores of the skin and also control sweat in the body as well. Some people who get the first-time victim of it have questions related to ‘’lemon juice on armpits overnight’’ this can be achieved, but you need to pay attention to the ingredients you are using.

  • First, take one small size tomato and cut and separate all the juice from it
  • Now add one tbsp juice of lemon and stir
  • Use it on the arms and other areas of odor and leave for 13 minutes
  • Now take a shower and wash it
  • Repeat it one time for throughout whole week

Follow these precautions to avoid having any health risk before using Lemon for Body Odor:

  • Some people who have sensitive skin should not use lemon or, it can cause irritation
  • Whenever you apply lemon juice remedies never to go out in sunlight or, it can cause tanning in skin
  • Lemon is too much acidic and can damage out teeth so always use it in diluted shape
  • Try drinking plenty of water to clean out the toxins in body
  • Eat green vegetables in your diet to stay healthy

After using all these remedies of Lemon for Body Odor, you no longer need to use any commercial and expensive deodorants. Let this remedy do its work, and you will get rid of body odor naturally.lemon for body odor

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