Top 9 DIY Home Remedies for Baldness to Prevent Baldness Naturally



There are many reasons that you can’t have hair on your head. Some people are naturally born without hair, and some get affected by some disease of infection. It can be a significant problem for men and women of all ages are facing it. They have tried many different things to counter it and re-grow their hair, but all their efforts go in vain because of lacking the real information. You can try using Home Remedies for Baldness to treat it even if you are bald for many years you might re-grow them in natural ways.

For many of you who don’t know that baldness can cause by follicles hair in the clogging that may appear only in hormonal changes. There are some medical conditions you need to know like, having stress, aging, and dust, exposure to the sun, improper diet and also cancer as well. All of these conditions lead to many changes in your body, and your hair has to pay the price. In some cases people have scalp infections and losing weight very quickly can also be another fact of becoming bald but it is curable.

All these symptoms have one thing in common is that hair loss can be very embarrassing, and without full hair, your personality does not look impressive. Hair is the most important part of the body, and you can certainly treat it using some home remedies instead of wasting money of surgeries and other medicines.

Which are the necessary home remedies you can use to treat baldness forever?

The number of treatments is available to cure hair loss, but they are costly, but you can avoid them and go for natural home ingredients that can treat the baldness without having any side effects. Some people who are a victim of this health disorder have their queries about ‘’is it possible to grow hair on bald head’’ you will get your answers below with complete details.

1) Use seeds of fenugreek:seeds of fenugreek home remedies for baldness

Fenugreek is probably the best remedy to cure all types of hair problems. It has the hormones that can help replenish the growth of hair quickly. Its seeds contain nicotine and protein to give strength the shafts of hair.

  • Take 2 tbsp seeds of fenugreek and some water
  • Grind the seeds and add them in the water and make thick paste
  • Now apply it on the bald area and leave for one hour
  • Wash your hair with water
  • Do this remedy three times in one week

2) Use Castor oil:castor oil home remedies for baldness

Castor oil can certainly improve the condition of hair thanks to its anti-inflammation and anti- fungal properties.

  • Take two tsp of castor oil with one tbsp of shampoo
  • First, boil castor oil and apply it on the bald area of hair
  • Massage is for some minutes
  • Leave for one night and then next morning rinse it with shampoo
  • Do this remedy on daily basis

3) Use seeds of LEMON with pepper:seeds of lemon and pepper home remedies for baldness

Using both of them can stimulate and increase the circulation of blood in the scalp area.

  • Take eight seeds of LEMON with nine peppercorn seeds
  • Crush them both and make powder
  • Now apply it on the scalp and leave for 20 minutes
  • Repeat this cure two times in one day

4) Use OLIVE OIL:olive oil home remedies for baldnes

Olive oil is considered one of the greatest remedies to treat hair issues. It can increase the hair growth in the area of the scalp.

  • Take 4 tbsp of olive oil and one tsp of cinnamon
  • Add 3 tbsp of honey in them and mix well
  • Stir them together and apply on the scalp
  • Leave for 18 minutes and then wash
  • Follow this process two times in one week

5) Use ONION:onion home remedies for baldnes

For you to use Home Remedies for Baldness, a unique treatment is an onion that can promote the follicles and is also a natural anti-oxidant agent.

  • Take two pieces of chopped onions with some water and shampoo
  • First, peel the onion and extract the juice from it
  • Take one clean cloth and soak all the liquid
  • Apply this on the area of scalp
  • Massage in gentle position for 12 minutes and wash it
  • You can use any shampoo to get rid of the smell
  • Repeat this procedure one time in 5 days

6) Use ALOE VERA:aloe vera home remedies for baldness

ALOE VERA has the essential minerals and vitamins to grow hair back to their natural position. It also controls the hair fall and prevents any infection as well.

  • First, take one leaf of ALOE VERA with 2 tbsp of hot water
  • Separate the gel from ALOE VERA by squeezing it
  • Apply it on the scalp area by massaging it for 13 minutes
  • Leave for one night and wash it with hot water
  • Do this cure three times in one week regularly

7) Use Gooseberry (Indian):gooseberry home remedies for baldnes

There is a reason why it is acclaimed so much for treating hair problems. It is very rich in iron, vitamin C, and is also anti- bacterial.

  • Take one tbsp of gooseberry with one tsp juice of lemon
  • First, pour the gooseberry in the juice of lemon and mix well
  • Apply it on the area of scalp
  • Massage for some minutes and then wear any shower cap
  • Leave it for one night and next morning wash it
  • Follow this remedy on daily basis

8) Use COCONUT OIL:coconut oil home remedies for baldness

Coconut oil is the best natural oil to help the growth of hair it is an anti-fungal and also improve the circulation of blood. Some people also have their doubts related to ‘’how to grow hair in bald area home remedies’’ well you will be surprised to see the results once you use it.

  • Take some drops of coconut oil and shower cap
  • Apply it directly on the scalp and massage it for some minutes
  • Leave it for one hour and then wrap a shower cap
  • After that wash the hair with any shampoo
  • Repeat this cure four times in weeks

9) Use MILK and Liquorices:milk and liquorices home remedies for bladness

Liquorices is a natural herb that can help to grow hair it can restore the ALOPECIA and milk can make it soft and soothe allowing it to work more accurately.

  • Take 2 tbsp powder of licorices with 4 tbsp of milk
  • Stir them both well and apply on the bald area of head
  • Leave it for one night and then wash it
  • Do this treatment regularly

Here are some tips you should follow before using any Home Remedies for Baldness:

  • You can massage with any oil before going to bed
  • Make sure to wash your hair regularly with cold water
  • Rub the scalp using fingertips
  • Never to use any sharp or spiky clips. Tight rubber, or brushes on head
  • Never to comb the hair when it is dry or it will damage the scalp

This Home Remedies for Baldness will prove beneficial for you if you have some patients and use them correctly without making any mistake. Let me know which one suited best for you and gave desired results.

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