TOP 10 DIY Home Remedies using Lemon for Bad Breath – Best 10 Ways


The foul smell from your mouth can make you embarrassed in public, so it is better to get rid of it using lemon for bad breath. According to AADR (American Association of Dental Research), the bacteria and dead cells accumulated on our tongue is the 80 – 90% reason behind halitosis (foul breath problems).

The dryness of the mouth or an unpleasant lingering taste in the mouth are one of the most common signs of bad breath, and there can be many reasons behind that. The most common factors that can lead to it are alcohol or tobacco consumption, poor oral hygiene or gum diseases. The same goes for onions and garlic.

Research says that more than a billion dollars are spent by US residents for mouth rinses and mints to eliminate the smelly breath, but these remedies work only for a small period of times and come with many side effects. Experts recommend using natural ingredients, for those who wonder how to get rid of bad breath naturally and fast, like baking soda, lemons, cinnamon, etc. instead of artificial solutions.

How to use Lemon For Bad Breath to get rid of bad breath

  •         Lemons, being a rich source of vitamin C, assist in the preventions of gum inflammation and diseases, which are the primary reasons of bad breath.
  •         Flavonoids, present in abundant quantities in lemon, possess extremely powerful natural anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. Lemons prevent the damaging bacteria from sticking to the tongue and teeth.
  •         The juice of lemon improves the food digestion process and boosts the metabolism of the body by enhancing the flow of digestive juices. This reduces the possibility of constipation and controls the bad breath-causing bacteria present in the gut.
  •         Despite being acidic, it possesses a neutralizing effect when used as a mixture of water. This helps in the elimination of bacterial acidic residues present in the mouth.
  •         The refreshing citrus flavor of lemons stimulates the flow of saliva and removes the bacteria which cause bad odor.

Top 10 Methods of using lemon for bad breath

You can use lemons in a variety of ways to deal with bad breath problems. Though the simplest way to solve this problem is to use it directly, for added benefits, you can use it in combination with other ingredients too. Just select a remedy and stick with it until you get your desired results.

 1. Lemon Peel / Lemon for bad breathlemon peel for bad breath

    Chewing a bit of lemon peel or a small piece of is an extremely effective way to increase the production of saliva in the mouth. The saliva, on the other hand, flushes out dangerous bacteria.

  •         Take a medium-sized lemon
  •         Cut it into four quarters
  •         Suck out the juice and chew on one of the wedges
  •         Repeat this process whenever you feel it necessary

Powdered lemon for bad breath: You can also grind the peel of a dry lemon into a fine powder form. Make a thick paste by mixing the water and powder and use it to brush your teeth.

 2. Lemon Tea for bad breathlemon tea for bad breath

    Adding a few drops of lemon juice to any tea of your liking improves its flavor and freshens your breath.

  •         Make a cup of clove/fennel/green/ginger/fenugreek tea
  •      To it, add a TBSP of lemon juice and stir well
  •         Consume it sip by sip, at a leisurely pace
  •         Drink this tea at least once or twice every day

 3. Salt and Lemon for bad breathsalt and lemon for bad breath

Lemon juice possesses acidic nature, which helps in the prevention of the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. A mixture of salt and lemon juice in water works as mouthwash and efficiently stimulates the production of saliva. As a result, it keeps the mouth hydrated and stops one of the primary reasons behind bad breath.

  •     Take a cup of water and heat it
  •     Add a TBSP of lemon juice to it along with a half TBSP of salt
  •     Mix well and use this solution as mouthwash for about four to five times
  •     Repeat this process regularly

Note: You can also gargle or drink a glass of water with a lemon squeezed into it to eliminate bad breath.

 4. Ginger Juice and Lemon for bad breathginger juice and lemon for bad breath

The ginger juice is an excellent breath freshener, especially when put to use in combination with lemon juice. It neutralizes the bad breath, while lemon, on the other hand, increases the production of saliva.

  •     Take a glass of warm water and stir one TBSP of ginger and lemon juice in it
  •     Use this mixture to gargle for about five to eight times
  •     Spit out the solution after each gargle
  •     Repeat this procedure two to three times every day

 5.     Honey and Lemon for bad breathhoney and lemon for bad breath

The lemon juice along with honey provides relief to many problems including the bad breath. They assist in increasing the saliva production to tackle the bad breath.

  •    Take a cup of fresh water
  •     Heat it to its lukewarm state
  •     To this water, add a TBSP of honey along with one TBSP of lemon juice
  •     Stir this mixture well, until you get a smooth solution
  •     Drink this solution two times every day

 6.   Baking Soda and Lemon for bad breathbaking soda and lemon for bad breath

If you are in doubt that “does baking soda help bad breath,” then you can use this remedy. The citric acid in lemon juice is a powerful anti-bacterium, which kills the odor-causing bacteria. The baking soda, being alkaline, neutralizes and balances the acidic environment of the mouth.

  •     Take a fresh lemon and squeeze its juice into a bottle
  •     Add a half cup of clean water and a TBSP of baking soda to it
  •     Tightly close the lid of the container and shake it thoroughly
  •     Take 2 TBSP of the solution in your mouth
  •     Swish it all around your mouth as a mouthwash
  •     Keep repeating this process for about a minute or two
  •     Use fresh water to rinse your mouth after using lemon for bad breath
  •     For best results, use this method at least one or two times every day

 7.   Mint and Lemon for bad breathmint and lemon for bad breath

Thanks to the chlorophyll, chewing the mint scrapes off the odor-causing bacteria and leaves a refreshing taste in the mouth.

  •     Wash a few fresh leaves of wild mint using cool water
  •     Pour one or two drops of lemon juice on those leaves and chew them
  •     Repeat whenever you feel that your breath is giving off the bad odor, particularly after a meal

 8.   Anise and Lemon for bad breathanise and lemon for bad breath

The anethole, present in anise seeds, possesses a sweet aromatic flavor which acts a natural flavoring substance. Moreover, its anti-bacterial properties ensure that you get a clean and fresh breath.

  •     In a bowl, take some cold water
  •     Add a few powdered anise seeds to it
  •     Cover the pot and place it aside for about four to five hours
  •     To it, add 10 TBSP of fresh lemon juice
  •     Mix well all of the ingredients
  •     Using a sieve, strain this solution and use it to rinse your mouth
  •     Repeat this process at least three times every day

 9.   Yogurt and Lemon for bad breathyogurt and lemon for bad breath

Acidophilus, present in considerable quantities in yogurt, is a type of bacterium that assists in the digestion process. As a result, the immune system gets stabilized, the bloating reduces and so do the gas and bad breath problems.

  •    Take 2 TBSP of yogurt and mix it with one TBSP lemon juice in a bowl
  •     Apply this mixture on your teeth using your fingers
  •     Let it stay on for at least 20 minutes
  •    Wash it off using lukewarm water
  •     Repeat the process every second day

 10.  Cinnamon, Ice, and Lemon for bad breathcinnamon Ice and lemon for bad breath

Cinnamaldehyde, the primary component present in cinnamon eliminates the harmful bacteria present in the mouth. Moreover, it improves the flow of saliva, making this mixture more effective in dealing with bad breath.

  •     At the bottom of an ice tray, put a small pinch of ground cinnamon
  •     Take a lemon and squeeze it into the tray, after filling it with cold water
  •     Thoroughly stir each compartment of the tray
  •     Put the ice tray in a freezer to freeze the mixture
  •     The mixture will take form of candies
  •     Suck these candies made out of ice, honey and cinnamon for bad breath, at least twice or thrice a day

Note: Crush the ice cubes by placing them in a clean bag of cloth, if they are too big to suck. You can also add this crushed ice to your regular drinking water.

 Safety Precautions and tips using lemon for bad breath

Don’t use lemons in any form, if you are allergic to citrus fruits. For the purpose, you can apply a small skin prick test to make sure that you aren’t allergic to them.

  • As the Vitamin C benefits decrease with time, so it is better to cut a fresh fruit rather than using a precut stored fruit.
  • Prefer the usage of fully ripe, yellow colored lemons instead of green ones.
  • The concentrated lemon juice can be extremely harmful to the enamel; therefore, it should always be diluted with fresh water before usage.
  • To get rid of vinegar breath odor, gargle or drink plenty of fresh water immediately after the application of any lemon based remedy to wash away the residual acid.
  • Brush twice a day and maintain proper dental hygiene.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated and to wash away decaying food particles stuck in teeth.
  • Stay away from onions, alcohol, coffee, and garlic, as they have a drying and foul-smelling effect in the mouth. The same goes for white vinegar bad breath.

If you think we forget to mention any effective remedy using lemon for bad breath, which you think can help you get the desired results, in less amount of time, then please do tell us. Also, don’t hesitate to share your experiences and questions with us.

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