How To Treat a Cold Using Best 9 Effective Natural Home Remedies


    Research proves that there are more than 200 types of viruses, present around us, that are responsible for triggering and spreading the common cold. The symptoms of cold disturb our daily routine and activities and make it extremely difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand. This is precisely why; it is essential to learn about how to treat a cold with the help of home remedies, rather than commercial medications, as they are safe and are free from side-effects.

Different symptoms like a sore throat, sneezing, congestion, and stuffy nose arise when our immune system tries to fight off the infection. Most of the time, the cold does not stay longer than two weeks. However, in other cases, it might lead to strep throat, pneumonia, bronchitis, and throat infections. Natural remedies assist in providing relief to the associated symptoms and enhance the immunity of the body.

How to treat a cold using home remedies?

There are several natural and home treatments that one can use to get rid of common cold. However, we will include only the most effective of such “cold treatment at home” remedies, while focusing on the ones, the ingredients for which, you can find in an ordinary kitchen.

  1. how to treat a cold with Ginger

Ginger possesses excellent antiviral capabilities and helps in the elimination of viruses. It also stimulates the perspiration process and reduces the temperature. Furthermore, it acts as a decongestant and antihistamine. The best thing about this process is that it is safe for lactating and pregnant mothers, as well as for children of 12 months and above.

  • Take 10 grams of fresh ginger
  • Peel and chop these ginger pieces
  • Put these pieces to a cup of water
  • Place the pot on flame, and bring it to boil
  • Let the mixture simmer for about 5 minutes
  • Cover it after removing from the heat
  • Cool it down to the room temperature
  • Add a TBSP of honey to the liquid after straining it form the mixture
  • Drink this mixture twice every day

For added benefits: Add cooked or raw ginger to your daily diet to increase the effectiveness.

  1. how to treat a cold with Garlic

The antimicrobial properties of garlic destroy the virus and boost the immunity of the body. This procedure is amazingly useful for dealing with a throat infection, viral fevers, and colds. If you don’t know how to treat a cold fast, then follow this process:

  • Add a TBSP of honey, along with 2 TBSP of lemon juice and some fresh, crushed cloves of garlic in a glass of warm water
  • Drink this mixture by mixing the ingredients well
  • Repeat this procedure thrice a day
  • Add a half TBSP of cayenne pepper to the mix for added benefits
  1. Cinnamon and Honey

Thanks to the antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon, along with those of honey, act as immunity boosts. They also stop the virus from spreading and causing cold.

  • Add ¼ TBSP of cinnamon to a TBSP of raw honey
  • Thoroughly mix both of the ingredients
  • Consume it twice every day, for at least three days

Note: You can ease up its consumption, by adding it a cup of hot water or green tea.

  1. how to treat a cold with Lemon

Lemon contains enormous quantities of vitamin C, and thus it acts an immunity booster for the body. Moreover, it balances levels of pH in the throat and deals with the soreness.

  • Take a fresh lemon, and cut it into halves
  • Squeeze these half pieces of lemon in a cup of clean, drinking water
  • Add honey to taste, and sip it slowly
  • You can add garlic or ginger juice to this mixture for added benefits
  • Repeat this procedure twice a day
  1. how to treat a cold with Onion

According to World Health Organization, onion possesses the ability to relieve the patient, of the symptoms associated with the cold, i.e., a sore throat, cough, and congestion.

Internal Consumption

  • Take a fresh red onion, and slice it into small pieces
  • Place them in a glass bowl
  • Add honey and sugar to the pot to cover the pieces
  • Cover the pot with the help of a lid, and leave it aside for a whole night in a dark place
  • Consume a TBSP of the mixture in the morning, on an empty stomach
  • For best results, use this combination for three to eight times daily

External application

  • Chop a fresh garlic and onion into thin slices
  • Use olive oil to massage on the bottom of your foot
  • Place an onion slice along with a piece of garlic on the application, and use a saran wrap to secure it
  • Leave it overnight after wearing socks
  • Rinse the feet after removing the cover in the morning
  • Repeat the process once every day
  1. how to treat a cold with Saline Solution

Rinsing your nostrils using saline solution is one of the most popular home remedies, and works exceptionally efficiently for nasal congestions and treating cold. The antiviral properties of the salt fight against the viruses.

  • In eight ounces of water, dissolve half TBSP of salt
  • Mix both of the ingredients well, till you get a clear solution
  • Rinse your nostrils using this mixture
  • Repeat the procedure on as needed basis

Note: You can gargle with this solution to achieve the same benefits.

  1. Zinc

Zinc is an essential component needed by the body for maintaining the proper functioning of the immune system. The consumption of foods that are rich in zinc reduce the symptoms to a minimum. Research led by Canadian researchers proved that zinc works more efficiently in adults than it does in children. But there is a severe side effect associated with the excess consumption of zinc, and that is lack of smell or permanent anosmia.

These foods include kidney beans, shrimp, watermelon seeds, peanuts, lobster, chickpeas, spinach, garlic, brown rice, dark chocolate, sesame seeds, and flaxseeds. You can achieve the same benefits by taking zinc supplements.

8. How to treat a cold with chicken soup?

Experts believe that chicken broth (more commonly known as chicken soup) can assist in getting rid of colds. It is thought to inhibit the activities of immune system cells and mucus, thus stop the inflammation. As chicken soup contains a considerable quantity of water, it can also assist in dealing with dehydration. You can also consume chicken soup as a common cold prevention in winters.

9. How to treat a cold with steam inhalation?

A traditional steam inhalation can assist in alleviating the typical symptoms of cold and congestion. If you don’t know how to cure a cold in one day, then follow this process:

  • Take a pan, and half fill it with fresh water
  • Place the pot on flame and bring it to boil
  • Remove it from the heat, and place on a table. Don’t forget to place a heat-resistant mat or towel below the pan.
  • Cover your head with a towel, and sit with your head over the pan
  • Close your eyes, and breathe deeply

Note: Never use steam inhalation for small children. And ensure that steam doesn’t get into the eyes of the patient.

Can antibiotics cure a common cold?

Antibiotics are typically the prescribed medicines for the diseases that are caused by bacterial infections. As the colds belong to the family of viral infections, they do not respond to antibiotics. Therefore, antibiotics will not prevent the disease from spreading to other people, neither will they help in improving the conditions of the patients.

According to an article regarding how to treat a cold, as put forward by BMJ, the fear of complications is one of the worse reasons to prescribe antibiotics to your patients. However, antibiotics to reduce the risk of pneumonia, caused by chest infections.

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