8 DIY Home Remedies for BABY COLD – TOP 8 Methods



It can be very frustrating to see your children suffer from cold over and over. As parents, we do everything to prevent it. You can try HOME REMEDIES for BABY COLD because they are certainly efficient and can deliver more results than using medications. A baby getting cold in some way is best for their health, but if it does not go for itself, then you probably need to do something right away and stop using any medication that can harm them. You better need to consult your doctor or pediatrician for it.

In this case, your best solution is to go for home remedies, and you don’t need to waste any money on expensive medications. Instead, you can take advantage all the things you can find in your home and start using to cure your baby’s cold without having any second thoughts.

What symptoms indicate for a baby cold?

There are many types of symptoms that you can find for cold in children. If your child gets cold the first time, and you simply can’t understand it, then you immediately need to follow these symptoms that can prove very helpful to you such as,

Which are the safe Home Remedies you can try to prevent baby cold quickly?

There are many home remedies which are very simple and proven beneficial in treating the severe cold. Some people have their doubts about how ‘’cold remedies for infants under 3 months’’ work for that you need to use them to see how they work.

1) Use fluids:fluids home remedies for baby cold

It is essential that you prevent your baby from complete hydration and for that, you can use too many hydration fluids that can flush the nasal secretions in his body.

  • Use milk for the children who are under 5 months
  • You can give those fruit juices made with pure who are above 8 months
  • You can take advice from your doctor before using this procedure

2) Use vapor rubs:vapor rubs home remedies for back acne

Vapors are perfect for those babies who are under 3 months. You can get commercial VAPOR rubs from the market that contains many essentials oils.

  • First, take some of the vapor rubs in hands
  • Now apply it on the back, chest, and neck of baby in gentle position
  • Do not use vapor rub on the sensitive skin or the face of the baby
  • Use this remedy 2 times in one day

3) Use steamy air:steamy air home remedies for baby cold

It is best to make the baby breathe in the moist air or using the vaporizer (mist) that can lose the mucous in the passage of nasal you can also add hot water for a bath to get more advantage.

  • First, put a cool mist vaporizer in the baby’s room
  • Now give your child a bath in warm environment
  • If your child is above 2 years, then you can add some drops of menthol in the tub
  • You can only make the water hot and close doors for getting it steam for 20 minutes

4) Use COCONUT OIL:coconut oil home remedies for baby cold

COCONUT OIL is by far the best HOME REMEDIES for BABY COLD because it contains acids that are anti-microbial and protects the immune system of children.

  • Add some drops of coconut oil on the back of baby and massage it all over his body
  • Make sure not to put oil in the nose
  • Slowly add more drops of it in every week

5) Try breastfeeding the baby:breastfeeding the baby home remedies for baby cold

Breast milk has the luxurious properties that are essential for your child. Giving them proper breastfeeding they can get less infected from any infection and stay healthy.

  • Try to breastfeed your child on daily basis
  • Make sure not to get the milk in their nose

6) Use HONEY:honey home remedies for baby cold

Using honey will soothe and coat the baby’s throat and also help to reduce a cough. Do not give honey to those babies who are less than 1 and half year.

  • First, take 1 cup of honey and warm it
  • Give it to your child directly
  • You can also some water in it
  • Do this remedy for at least one week regularly

7) Use JAYFAL (NUTMEG):jayfal home remedies for baby cold

Nutmeg can certainly reduce the cold easily if it is applied on the chest properly. Some parents still don’t know ‘’what to do for a baby with a cough’’ you can use it and see how much it is worth in the end.

  • First, take nutmeg pieces of 5 and remove its shells
  • Grind it and make a soft powder of it
  • Now add some water and mix well
  • Now apply it on the chest, neck, and back
  • Do this remedy on daily basis

8) Use nose blowing:nose blowing home remedies for baby cold

This type of treatment is perfect for kids who are above 2 years and clearing their nose can help them breathe easily and smoothly and makes them feel comfortable in sleeping.

  • First thing teach your kids how to blow nose with tissue
  • Teach them not to blow it too much, or it will damage their eardrums
  • After that teach them to wash their hands properly to prevent any germs from spreading

Some accurate TIPS you need to know before using any home remedy a for the baby cold?

  • Make sure the child gets to rest for a very long time
  • Wash the hand before you feed your child
  • Keep the baby away from the sick people
  • Always clean the environment of the baby
  • You can use any light sheet to cover the baby’s body
  • Do give him medicines if your doctor has prescribed

Do try any of this HOME REMEDIES for BABY COLD because they are beneficial and perfect for their health. You can also share all your experience with me so I can get the idea how much these home remedies are working accordingly.

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