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How to Use BAKING SODA for ATHLETE’S FOOT – TOP 8 Home Remedies

There will always a time comes when your skin gets infection usually most people are becoming a victim of athlete’s foot which is a fungus infection appear on the skin. No matter how many things you try you can’t just directly counter it so easily you need a substantial remedy like BAKING SODA for ATHLETE’S FOOT that can help you in treat it. It starts slowly and grows rapidly on the feet. As a human, we make a lot of mistakes, and we can’t even know from where this infection came. When you wear tight shoes or your feet, feel too warm in any footwear because there is no ventilation, and the environment you are living also leads to getting the fungus of athlete’s foot.

There are many symptoms involved in it that carefully need to see like, redness, stinging, flaking, and burning on the skin. There is no point using creams or lotions that can make your conditions worse and you probably end up making your feet’s beauty ruin forever. So it is better to use home remedies in simple ways that are not too much expensive and provide excellent results. Now we are talking about BAKING SODA that has helped many people treating this kind of skin problem.

Is BAKING SODA truly efficient to cure ATHLETE’S FOOT?

  • BAKING SODA has many properties that can make your PH level balance and also stop the fungus from spreading
  • It works as anti-fungal which kills the infection which causes it
  • It also makes the skin soft and cleanse from the calluses who causes athlete’s foot

What remedies are helpful to prevent ATHLETE’S FOOT quickly?

We all know that BAKING SODA can be very beneficial when it comes to using it as a standalone treatment also in cooking as well. But it is best to use it with other natural home ingredients to fade away athlete’s foot there are some people who have their doubts about ’how to cure athlete’s foot in one day’’ below you will get the complete details.

1) Use ACV with BAKING SODA:apple cider vinegar with baking soda for athletes foot

The properties of ACV can destroy the fungus and also gives you relief from peeling, inflammation, and itching.

  • First, take one cup of ACV pure in one cup of water
  • Now add 2 tbsp of BAKING SODA and stir
  • Use cotton ball and apply on the infected area of feet
  • Leave for half an hour and then wash
  • Do this remedy 2 times in one day

2) Use dry corn with BAKING SODA:dry corn with baking soda for athletes foot

The infection that can cause the fungus can make the environment of foot’s warm and moist so using corn can absorb all the moist from the feet.

  • Take one bowl and add some dry corn and one tsp of BAKING SODA
  • Mix well and clean your feet before using it
  • Rub this mixture on the toes and feet
  • Let it soak for 20 minutes and then wash it
  • Use this remedy 3 times each day

3) Use GARLIC with BAKING SODA:garlic with baking soda for athletes foot

Garlic is a natural compound of having antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties that can clean the fungus and provides relieve on the skin.

  • Take 2 tbsp of BAKING SODA with 2 tbsp powder of garlic
  • Add some water to it and mix
  • Apply this on your feet and leave for 25 minutes
  • Now wash with water
  • Continue doing this three times in one day until infection heals completely

4) Use pure BAKING SODA:pure baking soda for athletes foot

To use BAKING SODA for ATHLETE’S FOOT alone as an ointment then you can use it by rubbing it directly on the infected skin.

  • First, take 2 liters of water in a bucket
  • Now add 3 tbsp of BAKING SODA
  • Mix them well and put your feet in the bucket and soak for 10 minutes
  • You can use scrub brush to clean the feet
  • Wipe the feet with clean water
  • Use this remedy one time for two weeks consistently

5) Use GINGER with BAKING SODA:ginger with baking soda for athletes foot

The properties ginger possesses remarkable in treating and killing the fungus of athlete’s foot.

  • First, take 2 pieces of ginger crush and make paste
  • Now add it in hot water and boil for 6 minutes
  • After that add one tbsp of BAKING SODA and let it cool for sometime
  • Apply it directly on the areas of feet where infection is located
  • Let it dry for 9 minutes and then wash
  • Repeat this remedy 3 times in one day

6) Use TTO (TEA TREE OIL) with BAKING SODA:tea tree oil with baking soda for athletes foot

  • Take one bowl and mix water and TTO with equal amounts
  • Now add 2 tbsp of BAKING SODA in it and make thick paste
  • After that apply this on the infected feet and let it dry for 13 minutes
  • Wash it with water
  • Do this remedy two times each day until infected is cured completely

7) Use ALOE VERA with BAKING SODA:aloe vera with baking soda for athletes foot

ALOE VERA has the perfect properties and proteins to prevent this fungus. If you truly want to know ‘’how to get rid of athlete’s foot home remedies’’ then this one is just perfect in use.

  • Take and cut ALOE VERA and separate gel from it
  • Now add 2 tbsp of it with 1 tbsp of BAKING SODA in one bowl and mix
  • Make it in the form of ointment
  • Apply this 4 times in one day

8) Use Onion with BAKING SODA:Onion with baking soda for athletes foot

  • First, take one medium size onion cut and extract juice from it
  • Now add one tbsp of BAKING SODA with juice of onion and mix
  • Apply this on the infected feet
  • Let it absorb it for 20 minutes and then wash it with water
  • Repeat this remedy 3 times in one week

Some useful TIPS you might want to know before using BAKING SODA for Athletes:

  • If you have sensitive skin then avoid using BAKING SODA because it is too much strong and causes several problems
  • Always use any moisturizer or coconut oil after using BAKING SODA treatments
  • People with diabetes should consult their doctor before using this
  • Make sure to wash your hands after touching the infected feet
  • Always maintain a good hygiene to avoid getting into any fungal infection
  • Never share any of your slippers, or towels with someone else

Do try these amazing remedies of BAKING SODA for ATHLETE’S FOOT and I am sure you will like each of them because they are not harmful. Don’t forget to share your experience with me about how much you find these remedies mentioned above used in the first place.

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