How to Use ALOE VERA for Arthritis Pain – [BEST 9 Methods]


How Do I Use Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain – Top 9 Home Remedies:

There are many health problems you have faced in our lives, but chronic pain also known as arthritis is something that can be so much pain the reason is that it can weaken your immune system and causes inflammation of joints. For this situation, you can choose many treatments, but Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain can save your joints from collapsing quickly. You will feel when you are standing or walk the bones between joints are affected that includes, hips, elbows, fingers, jaws, fingers, and knees. These are just conditions some signs of it that can help you recognize it like, redness, stiffness, pain, and swelling.

It is a condition where it feels tough to move even a leg and joints will get tear apart slowly if you don’t do anything. You fell into this position when the liquid in joints get dry and stiffen.

Even though there are many comprehensive treatments available to control the pain with some medicines, but unfortunately their effects last for a brief time but instead there is a ray of hope you can stick to natural remedies that will give certainly surprised you from their results so why bother wasting your time and money. This time we will talk about ALOE VERA that has proven its value many times to treat human health and prevent this type of situation.

What properties of Aloe Vera contains to treat Arthritis Pain naturally?

  • Aloe Vera has SALICYLATE and many other steroids that can decrease inflammation
  • It also has more than 12 vitamins that make it antioxidant to soak all the unnecessary toxins in your body
  • Aloe Vera can also relieve you from the pressure of the knees and joints which are inflamed
  • It acts as natural compound that can help to stop stiffness
  • Aloe Vera has calcium, zinc, iron, manganese that can reduce enzyme and heals joints correctly

Which methods of Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain can be used to get rid of Arthritis Pain?

Aloe Vera can be very beneficial if you use it as an alone remedy but to take full advantage of it, you need to combine it with other available natural home ingredients that are just perfect. But many people have their doubts about ’adverse effects of Aloe Vera juice, ’’ but this depends on how much the quantity and ways you are using which this post you will get with proper details.

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1) Use ACV with Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain:apple cider vinegar with aloe vera for arthritis

  • First, add and mix one tsp of ACV with 2 ounces of juice of Aloe Vera
  • Stir them well and drink
  • Repeat this method on daily basis

2) Use HONEY with Aloe Vera for Arthritis Painhoney with aloe vera for arthritis

  • Cut and peel the Aloe Vera in little cubes
  • Blend it with 2 cups of honey and stir
  • Apply this on the joints like a bandage
  • Leave for 45 minutes then wash it with water
  • Do this method for three times in one day

3) Make a juice of Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain:juice of aloe vera for arthritis

  • Take juice of 3 ounces of juice of Aloe Vera and drink
  • Observe to see how you react to it
  • You can increase the amount if necessary
  • Drink this juice four times in one week

4) Use GEL of Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain:gel of aloe vera for arthritis

  • Take GEL of Aloe Vera and directly apply on the joints
  • Massage it gently and let it dry for some minutes
  • Repeat this remedy two times in one day
  • Just remember one thing always use small amount of it in the beginning

5) Use peppermint with Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain:peppermint with aloe vera for arthritis

PEPPERMINT contains the menthol that can help to penetrate the skin deeply and cools the inflammation you can best use it with Aloe Vera for Arthritis to reduce effects.

  • First, take eight drops of oil of peppermint with 2 tbsp GEL of Aloe Vera
  • Blend them well and apply on the muscles in gentle position
  • After doing this remember to wash your hands
  • Repeat this method one time for five days

6) Use TURMERIC with Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain:turmeric with aloe vera for arthritis

  • First, take and separate the GEL from the Aloe Vera  leaf and blend it
  • Now add two tsp powder of Turmeric and stir well
  • Apply this on the joints which are inflamed and wrap any bandage on it
  • Keep doing this for four times every day

7) Use Grapeseed oil with Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain:grapeseed oil with aloe vera for arthritis

For many of you who don’t know that Grapeseed oil is antioxidant that can give you relief from the pain of joints and decrease inflammation.

  • First, add and mix some drops of Grapeseed oil with 2 tbsp GEL of Aloe Vera
  • Apply this on the area of joints
  • Massage it gently for 9 minutes and leave
  • Wash it with water
  • For great results implement it daily

8) Use OIL of Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain:oil of aloe vera for arthritis

In simple words, Aloe Vera has many forms that can utilize to ease the pain, those people who are suffering from arthritis still thinks ’is Aloe Vera good for swelling’’ you can’t know until you decide and give it a try.

  • Take OIL of ALOE VERA in 4 drops in hands
  • Apply it on the joints in gentle position
  • Let it soak them for 12 minutes
  • Continue doing this on regular basis

9) Use mango ginger with Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain:

  • Take two tsp of mango ginger and two tsp GEL of Aloe Vera
  • Blend them by adding hot water
  • Make thick jelly of it and apply on joints
  • Use cotton ball and leave it for one night
  • Wash it with water next morning
  • Keep doing this everyday

Some recommended Tips you should follow before using Aloe Vera for Arthritis Pain:

  • Make sure to use Aloe Vera in pure form
  • Eat three small cubes of Aloe Vera with empty stomach
  • If you are suffering from any pain or having stomach upset then do not take this, or it will make things worse
  • Always consult with your doctor before taking Aloe Vera
  • You can also use any cream or lotion where Aloe Vera is contain
  • Take only small amounts of it

If these methods truly surprised you with excellent results of Aloe Vera for Arthritis then do give me your precious feedback and suggestions. It means a lot to me so I can do more research on any health topic you like.aloe vera for arthritis pain

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