10 DIY Home Remedies of Honey for Acid Reflux – TOP 10 Methods


Home Remedies of Honey for Acid Reflux:

There will always a time come when most people mistakenly suffer from some stomach problems, but it is common to feel that way. The LES did not respond and lost its way to work properly, and all the acid flows just get back instead of going forward into the esophagus. This kind of problem can cause burning sensation in throat, and chest. It is what it feels like to have acid reflux, or you can say heartburn. There are also some other symptoms involved in it like, burping, bloating, feeling the unpleasant taste in your mouth and having high gas.

Acid reflux can also cause stress, overeating, smoking, poor diet, and lack of sleep. All these factors combined can be too much danger or your health. A lot of people have tried many antacids to treat it but unfortunately their effects short and you can find yourself having side effects. Stop wasting your money now, and why not try to think and use some useful thing in your home. Yes, today we are talking about honey that is very affordable, natural, and effective way to treat heartburn.

How Honey help to get rid of acid reflux?

There are some reasons you should know honey for acid reflux works to cure it more quickly than any other such as,

  • It can heal and soothe all the damaged tissues
  • Honey is also an anti-bacterial who can prevent bacteria from growing in digestive system
  • It contains, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acid which are essential to have a fully functioned digestion
  • It can give you relief from having throat infection and stops irritation by soothing esophagus
  • Honey is an anti-inflammation that can reduce pain from chest and throat
  • It contains potassium that can stop stomach acid flow
  • It coats esophagus and prevent irritation signs in stomach
  • Honey can also stimulate LES contraction
  • Heals LES (damaged) tissues efficiently

Which are the perfect ways you can use Honey for acid reflux?

There are many people who their doubts about ‘’what can I take to get rid of acid reflux’’ you will find your answers in honey when you use it with some other home ingredients naturally. The result could work in your favor and if you want the better result than only use raw honey to treat acid reflux. Below you are about to find out that will work best and you will find them using very convenient,

1) Use ginger with honey for acid reflux:ginger with honey for acid reflux

Don’t take ginger just to be used in cooking but it has the properties to kill bacteria and help to promote the digestive system.

  • First, boil one cup of water and stir it with one tsp of ginger cut root
  • Now decrease the heat and let it simmer for 5 minutes
  • Then remove all of it from heat and add honey one tsp
  • Stir it and drink it on daily basis

2) Use pure raw honey for acid reflux: pure raw honey for acid reflux

  • Take one glass of water and boil it
  • Now add raw honey in it
  • Try to drink it before taking any meal
  • You can also use toast or some pancakes to eat it
  • You need to consume it one hour per day before eating anything

3) Use honey and cinnamon for acid reflux:honey and cinnamon for acid reflux

Using cinnamon can indeed absorb all the stomach acid and gives strength to the digestive system.

  • First thing you need to do is to boil two cups of water
  • Add cinnamon one tsp and stir it
  • Remove it from the heat and add 2 tsp of honey (raw)
  • You need to drink this every day
  • To get better result drink it after any meal

4) Use CLOVE with honey for acid reflux: CLOVE with honey for acid reflux

  • Clove can promote to have a great functioned digestive system,
  • First, add one tsp of honey with some pinch of CLOVE (powder)
  • Stir them both and make mixture and also add hot water
  • Drink it after every meal to get rid of acid reflux

5) Use chamomile with honey for acid reflux:chamomile with honey for acid reflux

Chamomile certainly gives digestive system some extra soothing that can help to cure burning sensations. You can sue it with honey by making tea and drink it four times in one day.

6) Use yogurt with honey for acid reflux: yogurt with honey for acid reflux

Using yogurt, it can balance the bad and good bacteria and make your digestion function work properly also remove other toxins; you can use it with honey one tsp and stir it in 5 ounces of yogurt and eat it after taking meals.

7) Use ACV with honey for acid reflux:ACV with honey for acid reflux.

Whenever you think of using Honey for acid reflux, you can also add APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (ACV) that can help to provide a proper balance in function of digestion.

  • First, add three tsp of honey and ACV each
  • Put them in one glass of water and stir it
  • Drink it only when you feel necessary something wrong is happening in stomach

8) Use lemon with honey for acid reflux: lemon with honey for acid reflux

  • Lemon can certainly aid to balance stomach acids and also destroy bacteria that causes them,
  • First, add 2 tsp of fresh lemon (squeezed) and one tsp of honey in one glass of water
  • Try to drink it in every hour after and before meals
  • For better results drink it with empty stomach

9) Use milk (warm) with honey for acid reflux:milk with honey for acid reflux

  • Using warm milk can help esophagus to soothe it entirely,
  • First, add one tsp of honey it one cup of milk (warm)
  • Drink this on daily basis

10) Use peanut butter with MANUKA honey for acid reflux:peanut butter with honey for acid reflux

If you can’t find regular honey, then MANUKA honey is the perfect to go for. It has all the nutrients. You can use it with peanut butter which makes taste better. Add one tsp of MANUKA honey in it and eat it every day.

Are there any safer precautions you need to take before using honey for acid reflux?

To use honey for acid reflux and want better results you need to take some precautions before making honey.

  • Only use raw Honey if not available go for MANUKA honey
  • Store honey syrup in a bottle instead of microwaving it
  • It can raise blood sugar, people with diabetes avoid it at any cost
  • Kids and infants should stay away from it
  • Using MANUKA honey can give you natural benefits and stop the causes of acid reflux
  • Consult your doctor before using it
  • Also, do some simple exercises while using honey

If you have tried any of these useful home remedies of honey for acid reflux, then we recommend you to share your valuable experience with me about which one you find most beneficial to your health.honey for acid reflux

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