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How to Use Banana for Acid Reflux to Cure it Permanently


Top 6 Uses of Banana for Acid Reflux:

Ever wonder why your stomach hurts so much? Probably the things you’ve been eating can cause acid reflux which is now a common digestive problem, and if you don’t take care of it in time, then it will slowly hurt your esophagus of LES and blocks the food that passes through your stomach. If LES is not closed in the right order, then the acid produces in the stomach will move back onto the esophagus and lining will irritate you and causing acid reflux.

Some people still can’t find the right symptoms of acid reflux, but it is necessary to point something whenever strange happen to your body. Here are few of them including, feel burning sensation in upper abdomen, in the chest, nausea, bloating, heartburn, and breastbone.

There are so many different home remedies to cure acid reflux efficiently right at your home. You don’t always need to go to the doctor unless it is severe. Try to treat it yourself. If you are looking for more efficient and permanent solutions, then all you got to do is to avoid certain beverages and foods that can trigger this problem.

What benefits banana for acid reflux can provide?

As you all know that the most favorite human fruit is none other than banana who has so many benefits that can help in beauty and health problems naturally. As a fruit, it has the properties of to cure acid reflux and neutralize any threat in the stomach. You can eat a banana on a daily basis to get rid of acid reflux permanently.

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Here are some of the health properties of banana for acid reflux you should know:

  • It works as naturally antacid to reduce the levels of acid in the stomach and also coats a line to make a shield to avoid any side effects and gastric effects.
  • Banana is rich in potassium to make the better digestive system and also absorption of foods.
  • Banana also helps to enhance the strength of sphincter to make it work properly
  • Its main compound also known as protease can contribute to destroying all the bacteria in the stomach.
  • It is also rich in fiber and also eliminates the toxins in stomach
  • Banana is an excellent source to get vitamin B, and minerals to give strength to the esophagus.

Which ways can you use a banana to cure ACID REFLUX quickly?

Below you are about to find out ‘’foods that help acid reflux go away’’ using with banana, slowly but efficiently.

1) Use cinnamon powder, sugar with banana for acid reflux: cinnamon powder, sugar with banana for acid reflux

  • First, peel a banana and then cut it into slices
  • Now sprinkle some pinch of cinnamon powder and sugar over it
  • Eat those banana slices to make better digestive system

2) Use single banana for acid reflux: single banana for acid reflux

  • You can eat banana after or before meals
  • You can add cereals to it for breakfast, also use smoothies or yogurt
  • You can eat banana muffins, banana bread, or banana sandwich

3) Try avocado with banana for acid reflux:avocado with banana for acid reflux

  • First, take, four bananas, 2 cups of almond milk, skin removed avocado, vanilla paste, some ice cubes, one tbsp of honey, and two tsp of cinnamon
  • Blend all these ingredients for 4 minutes
  • Drink this shake two times in one week

4) Use oatmeal with banana for acid reflux:avocado with banana for acid reflux

For those of you who don’t know that oatmeal has the full range of whole grain that can neutralize stomach problems and you can also use it with banana for Acid reflux to reduce pain and heartburn, this combination considered the best thus far,

  • First, peel one ripe of banana and cut into short slices
  • Now you can add all the piece into oatmeal ( cooked) and stir it for a while
  • Eat this in your breakfast regularly to treat Acid Reflux

5) Try making a milkshake of banana for acid reflux:banana milshake for acid reflux

You can also combine banana with milk to make a perfect shake that can help to reduce the secretion of acids in the stomach.

  • First place all the slices of banana in blender
  • Now add milk or soy milk
  • Blend this for 3 minutes and after adding some honey
  • Drink this on regular basis

6) Use strawberries with banana for acid reflux:strawberries with banana for acid reflux

  • Take two bananas
  • One cup of strawberries, 2 cups of fat-free yogurt, and some mango juice
  • Blend all these ingredients together for some minutes until it gets smooth
  • Enjoy this smoothie shake by adding some ice per day

Does using a banana for Acid Reflux help?

Only if you eat an unripe banana that can cause acid reflux and turns the benefits into negative. Most people mistakenly eat an unripe banana without knowing that this contains carbohydrates which are indigestible and leads to acid reflux. So I recommend you always to eat fresh bananas neither who are overripe or unripe. You can eat three bananas if you are suffering acid reflux to get the idea whether to increase it or treat it.

Are there safe tips you need to follow before using a banana for acid reflux?

To use Banana for acid reflux, there are some safety tips you need to follow so you won’t have to face any problems or side effects such as,

  • If you are suffering from other diseases like diabetes or can’t digest sugar in any form, then you need to consult a doctor before using banana in your diet
  • Banana contains broad range of fiber, so if you eat too many then it can cause bloating, abdominal pain and much more
  • This one carries the proteins that can cause allergies in some men and women, so before you sue it consult with the doctor
  • Always make sure to go for regular checkups to prevent anything bad happen to your health and get prescribed foods to eat

Do try out these home remedies using a banana to treat Acid Reflux. Also, share your experience with us to let us know which treatment you find very useful and productive. banana for acid reflux

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