6 DIY Remedies of Milk for Acid Reflux You Can Use To Treat It Quickly


Home Remedies of Milk for Acid Reflux:

Have you ever wonder why your stomach hurts so badly frequently, and still things we eat takes a long time in digestion and feels irritation. Many of you think it is nothing, but eventually, it can lead to significant consequences. It is called acid reflux and is also a common problem. According to a study, more than half population of people will have to face this type of problem in their lives.

The esophagus is a food pipe where it food goes from mouth to stomach. LES located in the point where stomach controls the flow of food. If it gets disturbed, then it will immediately react, and stomach acids will start to flow in opposite directions.  When lose esophagus fails to make contact then digestive acids can cause severe symptoms like, burning sensations, feeling pain in the chest, sore throat, and much more.

Surely there are many different commercial antacids are available to counter it. But unfortunately, their effects live for a very short time and those chemicals they contain and give you problems and result you have not expected. So instead of wasting your precious money why not use some more proper remedy in the form of milk. Yes, you heard it right milk is a simple, natural, effective treatment that can treat acid reflux very genuinely. You have to use it to believe it.

Does milk indeed help to cure ACID REFLUX?

For many of you who do not have any idea how to use milk for acid reflux, well, try reading this information to clear your mind,

  • using milk can coat linings (inner) of the esophagus and minimize the irritation
  • it is very rich in providing calcium and some other minerals, and vitamins to make the digestive system function apparently

Which are the exact ways you can use milk to cure ACID REFLUX?

1) Try cinnamon with milk: cinnamon with milk for acid reflux

  • first mix one tsp of fresh cinnamon powder with one glass of milk
  • then store it in the refrigerator and drink only a few sips to prevent heartburn signs

2) Use goat’s milk: goat’s milk for acid reflux

Everyone has their doubts about can ‘’cold milk for heartburn’’ works well, if you simply can’t find a fresh milk then use goat’s milk in a skim way. It can provide you the nutrients and are less harmful. Drink it in cold condition to soothe burning sensation in throat and chest.

3) Use simple skim milk:skim milk for acid reflux

You will see that by using skim milk, it is very low in fat and help your body to digest food entirely. But make sure to use only organic one. Try to drink 7 ounces of milk in one day.

4) Use honey sorbet with milk:honey sorbet and milk for acid reflux

Honey has naturally antibacterial properties that can soothe the digestive tracts and throat.

  • Take a saucepan and boil 2 cups of milk (skim)
  • stir it with one tsp of cardamom powder, and one cup of oatmeal
  • now reduce the heat and let it simmer until oats cooked
  • remove it from heat and use one tsp of honey (raw) and stir it
  • let it cool for some minutes and freeze it
  • eat it one time in one day

5) Use banana with milk: banana with milk for acid reflux

Using banana will give you more edge as it contains too much potassium and also serves as a natural antacid to function digestion system.

  • In one blender mix two cups of lukewarm milk (goat’s), one ripe banana, two tsp of green cardamom powder, and 2 tbsp of honey
  • blend them until it becomes smooth
  • now add some crushed ice and blend it again
  • drink this mixture every day to prevent acid reflux

6) Use green cardamom with milk: green cardamom with milk for acid reflux

  • put two tsp of green cardamom and mix it until it becomes powder
  • place it in a saucepan, with hot milk and stir it on medium heat
  • boil it and reduce the heat and let is simmer for 4 minutes
  • then remove it and let it cool down for 10 minutes
  • after it gets cool then store it in a refrigerator
  • consume two tbsp of it on every 4 hours

Does use milk cause ACID REFLUX?

Many people believe that milk can cause acid reflux but this not entirely accurate. If you use milk in right amount of order whether it is skin or goat or cow’s fat milk, it will treat heartburn. The fats in it will trigger the acid production in the stomach. For some, it works well, and the reaction is subsiding. The milk is rich in protein and calcium. It not only gives strength to bones and also keeps them healthy. Always try to drink 220 ML of milk at one time.

Are there any safe tips you should know before using milk?

To get the best result of using milk for acid reflux, it is imperative that you check out the safe tips and follow them,

  • Always prefer to drink milk or goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk
  • drink only 7 ounces of milk at one time,
  • drinking too much milk can cause acid reflux
  • never blend citrus fruits in milk instead use strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries
  • make sure to drink unprocessed milk which locally produced in your areas
  • make sure milk is fresh and is not expired or it can cause food poisoning
  • always get minimum 8 hours of sleep to prevent heartburn eat a healthy well-balanced diet and do exercise daily
  • before you start using milk remedies first consult your doctor to find out whether or not it is right for you or not

Do try out these home remedies of milk for acid reflux to treat and prevent heartburn. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us about which treatment you find more useful.

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