Best 5 DIY Home Remedies Green Tea for Acid Reflux


Top 5 Home Remedies Green Tea for Acid Reflux:

If you ever feel your lower LES is giving you trouble and you are facing difficulty in consuming foods. Then this is the sign of acid reflux, for those of you who has no idea what it is, then let me explain to you in simple words, whenever stomach acids is moving back and fails to make contact with esophagus, and you can’t eat with ease it can cause several symptoms like, pain in chest, and burning sensation of throat. It may be a common problem but if you avoid it thinking you can overcome it then you are mistaken, and most signs of it are taking too many acidic foods and having stress.

According to many recent studies, they have shown that more than 70 million people once in their lives have suffered this type of problem called acid reflux. There are tons of remedies you can try but they all lived very shortly, and many can leave side effects. If you happen to suffer from acid reflux and looking for a permanent cure which is simple, affordable and quick, then why not try green tea for acid reflux it can prevent all of its symptoms with ease.

How is green tea considered perfect home remedy to treat ACID REFLUX?

  • It contain anti- oxidant that can help to make digestive system work in perfect condition
  • It also has anti-inflammation to give you relief from burning
  • Green tea triggers in LES and prevent a stomach acid movements
  • It is also known as amino acid to reverse the side effects can calm nervous system
  • Green tea is also an antioxidant to repair damaged cells and make them in perfect healthy
  • Green is excellent source of getting tannins, and the bromine to prevent acid reflux

Which are the home remedies you can use for green tea to treat ACID REFLUX?

You can’t just only use green tea as a single household ingredient, most people still have their doubts about ‘’is green tea acidic for teeth’’ you can’t know unless you give it a try. The best way to use it is with other ingredients (natural) and cures acid reflux in a beautiful way. Below you are about to uncover all the highly recommended remedies.

1) Use almond (milk) with green tea:almond (milk) with green tea for acid reflux

There are only a few people who know about using almond milk; it can soothe the irritation on stomach and coats esophagus as well.

Important note: if you can’t find almond milk then you can use coconut milk.

2) Use simple green tea: simple green tea for acid reflux

You can easily find green tea bags in your nearest local stores, or you can order them online. It comes in many forms, mostly in powdered and all you need is to follow some instructions on the packet to use it. Just make certain that you use green it three times in one day.

3) Make green tea (citrus): green tea (citrus) for acid reflux.

You can use lemon who can fight harmful bacteria and kills them and using orange can give you vitamin C to strength your immune system.

  • First, boil 3 cups of water and pour it into a big pitcher
  • Add two bags of green tea and let it steep for 20 minutes
  • Stir it well and then put fresh orange and lemon juice
  • Add honey (raw) 1 tsp
  • Drink this mixture three times in one day

4) Use honey (raw) with green tea: honey with green tea for acid reflux

Using honey can make a great taste while taking green tea. It can soothe the irritation and protects the body from certain bacteria.

  • Boil one bag f green tea
  • Stir it one tsp of honey (raw)
  • Drink this mixture one time

5) Use ALOE VERA with green tea:ALOE VERA with green tea for acid reflix

Using ALOE VERA can help to balance the cells and tissues.

  • Boil one bag of green tea
  • Now cut and squeeze all the ALOE VERA in the form of juice
  • Stir them both well
  • Drink this one time in everyday

Using green tea can causes ACID REFLUX?

With today’s research has shown that green tea is very much useful for treating acid reflux and if you use it with other things then it works more accurately, it has the properties to give your digestive boost what it needs to be in perfect shape. But if you use it too much like caffeine then it can trigger the symptoms more. So always try to use it as recommended and organic green tea in the first place.

Are there any safe precautions you need to take before using green tea?

To get better results of using green tea for acid reflux, you have to take some advisable precautions immediately like,

  • Always remember to replace and drink green tea and herbal teas instead of sodas and other juices
  • Consult your doctor before using green tea for acid reflux to determine your health condition
  • Try to drink at least 7 ounces of water to be in hydrated condition
  • Include healthy and fresh vegetable fruits in your diet
  • Avoid using too much sugar
  • Also, do some exercises

Do try our all these home remedies of green tea for acid reflux, don’t forget to share your valuable experience with me and tell which one of it. You find very useful.

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